Man/Sha Legends

Professors Beaver and Peacock’s Sex Talk

Dr. Beaver: So, I am curious, what do Peacocks, over in the Philosophy Department, do for a good time?

Dr. Peacock: Not in that tone of voice. Too shrill.

Beaver: Sorry, didn’t mean to ask at you.

Peacock: That’s right. Deeper, down in your chest.

Beaver: What, are you an M.D. now?

Alright then, from my heart to your ears, what do you do for fun, if you don’t mind my asking such a bridge-building question.

P: Not at all, but I’m surprised you don’t already prehend that Peacocks lay graceggs, which is how the party gets started. But, the real fun begins as we regeneratively incubate them.

B: Oh yes, I can imagine you can become wickedly emphatic and synaptic with all that grand plotting going on.

In the Communications Department we have string building parties. Well, OK, occasionally producing an orgy of sustainable delight, but I’m not comfortable talking RNA, and all that.

P: Well I wish you were, we use those fertile string-forms in our graceggs for compost. But you guys never invested enough attention in regenerative string and graceggs, as I recall.

To bad, and ironic too, because we couldn’t hatch an egg in Philosophy if you guys hadn’t produced the book on Consonant Balance Principles of Interaction. Dr. Norton’s influence is enormous, for Peacocks, especially with the newer EcoMetaphysician strain.

B: Yes, well, we produce our most resilient strings on the more engineering and design side of Communications. Those Wellbeing Polydoctors are a little off their egg, or so it is eisegetically postulated by the Bridge Builders Guild.

P: Not to protect my own nest, but I think if they would remember that the best strings will someday be fertilizing our most abundantly organic graceggs, AND it is our graceggs that inspire their next generation of string polyculture, then maybe they would finally get it that it takes two to sustainably tango, if I may speak of dance and motion, graceful cooperation of pace and place.

B: I notice that rhetorical move into rhythm. What’s that about? Are you making deeper moves toward me?

P: I most urgently and widely hope so.