I have four teenagers who are doing the best they can to raise me properly.

When I am not writing I try to breathe, dance and weave, more quietly.

I once read Robert Pirsig’s “Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance” and realized my story is the “Tao of Polycultural Sustenance.”

I have written several intelligent stories, but none of them have words.

I decided to take early retirement so I could get busy with our cooperatively-held vocation.

I believe in death as a figment of Left-brain’s over-Yanged and dominating imagination, camouflaging elder-Right’s yin-yin ecomprehensive eternal consciousness of now.

I believe yin-yin esoteric consciousness is dynamically symbiotic with Win-Win Game Theory, having economic ecologically profound implications for the multi-generational support of all Earth’s natural systems, including this human natural systemic intelligence we call “DNA.” DNA, like Elder RNA, strongly intends only WinWin Games, which often do not sustain as eternally as one ego might not so realistically hope.

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