Uncivil Wars: Syria and US

Interesting thing about the problems we are having here in the U.S., regarding national health, and the problem they are having in Syria, regarding national power.  If you go back aways into ancient history, might be that King Solomon, known for his wisdom, was a King of what is now Syria.  Ironic, isn’t it, that the King of Syria, perhaps, used to be wise enough to figure out who was the real steward of the nation’s best interest by only threatening to dismember the body.  Solomon would have been strategic enough to not cast himself in the role of Oedipus, on the world stage.

But, just how different would our situation appear regarding the most effective way to secure our national health if we, collectively, had the wisdom of King Solomon? Back in his day, according to research by Professor Julian Jaynes, of Princeton, and Yale, whose father, interestingly, was Unitarian Reverend Julian Clifford Jaynes, of Newton, Mass, but I digress….King Solomon was probably Right hemisphere dominant, as was our entire Species at that time, or at least nearly all.  Basically, this means that Solomon wouldn’t have had an “ego”, in the Freudian sense; he would have been “Superego,” with a capital S.  In short, the baby would not have been distinguishable from the entire nation, with regard to His absolute proprietorship. Without “ego” Solomon didn’t even have a language that would allow him to express any cognizable difference between himself and God.  Anyway, the baby was part of Him, just as all of Syria was part of him. To deny health to the baby, much less killing him, would have been morally akin to denying health to the entire Kingdom.

Finally, Solomon could not distinguish between “medicine” and “health” and “power.” Or, perhaps more precisely, what we think of as “medicine” would have been the “power of restoring health.”  And, as already noted, King Solomon wisely recognized that the woman who was outraged over his threat to use His Medicine Power to divide the Kingdom’s Power was the one who had her eyes focused, as did He, on everyone’s best power position. After all, isn’t “optimized power position” still the root meaning of “health”, both individually, and as a nation?

As the Wise Elders of King Solomon’s descendants have always agreed: “As Without, So Within; As Within, So Without.” Power and health are morally significant; not exceptions to the Golden Rule. Most of the Species continues to operate under the assumption that the Golden Rule is a good thing.  What happened here that a few who don’t agree have so much “power-over” that it threatens to exceed our “power-from-within”? It doesn’t get more “Uncivil War” than that.


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