Revolutionary Political Teleology of Economics

Buddhakaya: Atman
Dependent natural co-arising of polycultural eisegetical consciousness.

Sanghakaya: Brahman
Interdependent cooperative political and economic evolution
of exegetical Beloved Polycultural Community Health/Wealth optimization information
with synergetically-integral functional frequencies.

Political and economic ecological nondual mentoring
to cooperatively discern
and ecotherapeutically practice
revolutionary interdependent polycultural co-arising.

Buddhakaya, bicameral consciousness forms ecological self+other-identity.
Events emerge from Left-hemispheric,
“explore dissonance and label appropriately”
toward Left/Right dipolar functions
common to dependent co-arising dynamics of evolution
(Yang/Yin functional balance as SpaceTime).
Also known as “Basic Attendance”
when referring to what is noticed
prior to resonant resolutions
of fully diastatic Earth Tribe
empathic dipolar correlational
co-arising consciousness.

Sanghakaya, ecologically normative
economically effective
and healthy/wealthy functional
emerges from Elder Right hemispheric temporal syntax RNA-community,
progenitor of DNA fractal dia-elliptical dynamic exegenesis.
Beloved Polycultural Community
as prime-fractal and dipolar ecological
and communal pilgrimage from Alpha Big Bang
to O-Mega Fully-Pregnant
Polycultural Dense-Nutrient-Rich Embryo.

interdependent dipolar co-arising discernment,
mutually messianic mentorship
permacultural development
between two or more health-balanced
evolving Consumer/Producer–Parasite/Host identities.
EgoLeft with EcoRight as holonic co-arising
of Environmental Exegetical Eco-Syntax SpaceTime
dual-dark Memory Incubation.


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