Blade of Grass

Front porch consciousness of organically rich freedom,
relief from language label boxes,
now giving way toward emerging diastolic flow,
abundance fills a fertile inside view of health-engorging grasses,
entire trees and forested networks,
imagined river valleys,
oceans of coral reefs and underwater streams,
blue sky background to misty distant fog clouds
inside growing radiant heat of purging sunlight,
diastatic full-climax high-nooned and mooned Earth lights,
not too bright and hot for fertile climates,
and not too darkly cold
for healthy utopian dreams
within this yet evolving freedom of mindbody.

A green explicitly convex blade of grass
waving with soft autumn breeze
gaudily wearing one sparkling dew diamond brooch,
outsized for slender shoot of green,
appears this autonomous,
even competitive at mowing-down times,
way from analytical outside.

But also,
this same slender sleek string of nature
evolving from inside
implies a branching tree of nutrition
with a voraciously healthy root system understory
digesting Mother Earth’s fertile manna ecopolitics.

This blade of grass and I,
each born of crushed rocks
flowing rivers absorbing thirsty interdependent nurturing rootedness,
dynamically balancing
dancing with climate atmospheres of light and warm,
dark without so dark within hibernation,
resting toward another radiant day
noticing, consuming and producing freedom
within and as part of nondual co-arising nutritional streams
with interior vibrant ecological dreams,
strong-rooted child of Mother Earth’s sacred nature inside
embracing SunGod’s grace from outside
LeftBrain’s analytic WinWin ecopolitical exterior explicating lens
greeting RightBrain’s co-empathic ecological trust in co-gravitating networks
of exquisitely intricate divine nutritional grace
shining through implicating inside fertile rooting eyes
noticing healthy cause-effect flow streams
and interdependent ecological climate integrity
as beauty landscapes of trusting active hope
in ubiquitously elational freedom
of fertile redundant resonant reiterating regenerate resolutions,
timelessly polypathic polycultural polynomial…
freedom from dissonant restraints of short-timed unbalancing consciousness.


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