Songs of Suppression

Celebratory stories of devotion to depression
are told not only in absence of light,
but also in excess of dark,

And yet we share an even less spoken silence
blanching out
in too many minor key inferior choices,
quieter voiceless chaos.

Songs of suppression
and repression
sing not only in not enough major bionic scales
but also in too many minor key interior choices.

Cosmic darkness issues,
and tragic minor critical voices
hold, and occasionally tell,
an already worn-through tale
of woes
longing to belong

as also suppression
about feeling repression
of healthier atmosphere,
gasping for stale dry air
too still and stagnant
for relationship to even apply,
much less Golden Rules and Ratios

Hopelessly going nowhere
unless perhaps more paranoid
about losing now
and even more sacred Great Loss

Repression seen
and felt
through time’s abysmal shortness,
stifling failure of love.

our antitheses are sublimation
and healthy compassion
felt like warm harmonic breezes

inviting us to eat
and drink
and breathe
of Earth’s quieter beauties
of JustRight,
for Now
and Here.

flowing graces
become sea and seasoning winds
of ocean
spring across Ego’s smiling face
awesome Spring’s light
swirling rains

Promising richer
and deeper
Autumn breezing

DePressed Ego to RePressed Eco,
leaves toward compost.


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