Love Happens

We have probably all heard,
or at least felt,
“Life is what happens to you
while planning other things.”

“Life” has this passive quality
when compared to the pro-activity of “Love”.

When passive life is severed from active love,
health divorces wealth.

Depression expresses absence of impression
with and by and for active hope
for co-relational experience.

is the opposite of solidarity,
as therapeutic communication restores
Where threat of uncontrollable stress risks
punishing loss
and suffering
and death,
permanent and long-term depreciated value,
depresses hope for a personal
and political
and global faith in compassion,
cooperatively invested win/win economic
and bilaterally communal empowerment
politics as ecologically ego-theo/therapeutic.

Our communication spectrum,
as autistic trauma teaches us,
is not as narrow as healthy positive communication
through negative mis-communication,

Such a narrow view of potential win/win relationships
misses the vast non-verbal communication times
and spaces of entropic non-communication,

Wherein lies
bilateral exterior climates
and bicameral interior climates
of win/win opportunity
and lose/lose risk.

Just as we hope to love good therapeutic relationships
and not live patiently through traumatic relationships
fail to mention a universal awareness
of unitarian/sectarian default choices
where-in lie tipping points
of not not relationships,

Not yet relationships
traumatic and/or therapeutic,
pathological and/or healthy
divested and/or co-investing
in love lived wealthy health.

Maybe it is also true,
Love happens
while not over/under-planning
a win/win cooperatively faithful life.




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