Strange Justice Dreams

It is a strange dream
in which an animal rights advocate
is swamped with questions
from Chief Justice Roberts.

A vicious dog,
trained to attack humans
with politically incorrect audacity
to trespass against his white supremacist Master,
has been imprisoned
and sentenced to death
by euthanasia.

Thompson Gould Page
has finally appealed past redundant losses
to Roberts’ Supreme Court
on grounds of cruel and unusual punishment
of the entire retributive system
of injustice
against wounded persons
with full restorative,
legal and moral standing
to relearn democratic responsibility,
win/win self-control
and universal
multicultural compassion
with and for all living persons
of all EarthTribes.

While Page brings much of interest
to Justice Roberts,
Roberts’ line of questioning
searches visceral guts
of cruel retribution
as morally unusual
and corrupt punishments,
like imprisonment
instead of empowerment,
and death sentences
instead of life reborn narratives,
and forced euthanasia
instead of invited psychotropics.

Attorney Page,
how would your therapeutic justice argument
be different
if, instead of a dog,
you were concerned
about protecting a civilian
with military special operations
traumatic personal brain history?
Well documented mental health issues
both before and after
socially sanctioned training
to shoot to kill a stranger,
rapidly, if necessary

For knocking on his nationalistic privileged front door
in the middle of a very bad
and depressing domestic night?

Or, would our cruel punishment
and unusual lose/lose injustice
lack of resilient and resonant peace defense system
not differentiate
between wounded canines
and civilians?

Because Earth’s living interdependent persons
of all species,
predators and prey,
suffer from win/lose
and egotistic
and theologically sanctioned
competitive capital/corporate white pleasure privilege.

What could animal rights activists recommend
as a restorative peace and justice outcome,
with win/win outcomes,
omitting confinements cruel
and any unusually punishing results?

Page cites win/win health care therapies,
green new deals
and permaculture designs
for retraining wounded ecological
neurological systems
from win/lose competitive territorialism
and capitalism
and narcissism
returning to native feelings
of win/win co-passion
and cooperative domestic histories
of ecofeminist natural/spiritual nondualistic
bicameral balance

Following principles of non-violent communication
between multicultural prospering,
and win/lose monoculturally wounded, persons

past negative conditioning
with win/win therapeutic intent
and polycultural healthier outcomes
instead of more tragically traumatic
NorthWest-cultural supremacy.

over in the chemical peacefare department
are psychotropics and natural cousins
with remedial effects on humans
that might have more and better applications
to suffering canines
and other ego-aware persons.

Such as?

in small amounts
further enhancing
behavioral reconditioning,
practicing nonviolent communication skills.

Attorney Page
do you have any of these medications with you?
Perhaps we could try them on The Donald.

Our cruel and unusual
fascist administration
transparently against all forms of public and personal health
climates of and for optimizing global property wealth,
and democratic?
Of and for and by and with all self-conscious persons?

The same.

To responsibly defend President Trump
from punishment
for becoming the Naked Narcissistic Emperor
his Republican sycophants have created
in their own cruel and unusual business/corporate image,
would necessitate also treating
those who understand what he promised
to anti-religiously unravel
and undo
and drain away all attempts
at responsible public health care
accessible to all,
And yet voted for him anyway,

That was the end
of this highly public line
of dream-restoring justice questioning.

We’ll see what happens
after four or five Supreme Court justices
begin their medical marijuana treatments.




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