Seeking Health and Safety

Anthropoid history books
typically assume seeking sheltered safety at night
and healthy development by day,
although not unique to humane natured value systems,
are morally
and legally
and culturally significant
only as humanly experienced/not experienced.

What does set us apart,
and legally
and politically
and economically
and culturally,
in addition to left-hemisphere verbal dominance,
is not our cooperatively healthy/safe
Great EarthChain Climate
of co-empathic win/win becoming
co-arising restorers of Earth EcoMatriarchal Justice
appreciating some high and deep quality
of Patriarchal Peace
potentially anticipating CoEmpowerment
and EcoPolitical EnLightenment,
less “human nature only need apply”
bright white
straight male light

I believe this historically significant assumption
that all living
breathing day-time conscious creatures
do not necessarily seek safe sacred night shelter
and healthy daytime regenerative wealth co-investments
is necessary
to block cognitive/affective dissonance
about our outrageously anthropocentric
morally and legally undemocratic
divesting hubris,

Out left-hemisphere predative sense of being exclusively “chosen”

Creator’s gift to sacred Earth,
to use as suits
our left-hemisphere “humane/divine”
natured/spirited purpose,
to exploit,
to prey upon
our own safe nighttime sensed Earth eco-shelter,

To aggress,
verbally and non-verbally,
illegally and immorally,
against our own potential daytime healthy
compassionately communing
wealthy ego/eco-bicameral
multiculturing Creations

Images empowering
and disempowering,

Memories enlightening
and intuitively safe
within non-violent
restoring EarthJustice Peace
at least at full-moon
warm breezed night.


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