A Crisis of Rhetoric

Yes, you are so correct, my dear Straight White Patriarchal Republicans, we do have an economic crisis, an immigration crisis, a labor crisis, and a fossil-fuel energy crisis. And, yes, we do have a national security crisis, brought to us most threateningly by White Supremacists, many spawned, fed and watered by “Christian” fundamentalism.

You have not been quite so outspoken about our public health crisis and our climate health crisis, but these too, are real, alarming, critical, and, in large part, global crises.

Now, when do we get to the part of your economic and political analysis that unveils how your RightWing agenda of patriarchalism and capitalism have played such a devastatingly unvarnished and direct toxic role in leading to these crises? And when do we get to hear about how eager you are to support Green New Deal policies to improve our economic and ecological and global political challenges? And when will you wake up and realize that these are not entirely separate and distinguishable crises? And when might it occur to you that these are not merely national crises, but crises on a planetary systemic scale which will last as long as you choose to pretend we live in a win/lose ZeroSum environment when all scientific and religious evidence, and your own ecomatriarchal experiences of natural and spiritual attachment clearly point in the other win health care to also win resilient wealth optimization for all God’s creation?

Perhaps in 2022 when, contrary to your expectations, you lose even more votes from those of us fed up with choking on the bile of your hypocrisy and toxic degenerative investments in nationalistic greed.


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