Beauty Speaks Out

While Truth listens in
passionate loving wonder
on the climax edge of raw sufficiency

Growing enough passion
to accept everyone
and every relationship as we are spatially here
and deep listening now

To perpetuate healthy striving
at the wealthiest edge
of compassion
sufficient for a peaceful EarthLife,
for unconditional regard
of whole
Beautiful Earth.

But, whether or not edgy
yet deep stretching BeautyTruths
fully extend compassion,
Beauty exists out in Earth-sided nature
as Truth does and does not
in Anthro-Enlightened/Indarkened spirits

Choosing me to feel this attachment
to Here/Now Beauty sufficiency
conjoining relationship with integrity,
solitude with solidarity,

As if I could not be healthier me
in some other place,
some other time

Nor as joyful,
communing with Truth’s deep dark and light passions,
dispassions and compassions

For a trinity of honesty
emerging as a fractal
with restoring eco-just integrity

Relentless courage of curiosity
about both Beauty
and Ugly choices, ecological,
and Truth
and FakeIntegrity voices, theological.


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