Humid Thermos

I see us
cowering within
our safety walls

I feel us,
almost smell us,
vacillating between pungent stink
of fear
and acrid
acidic anger

Emerging toward viral hate
directed against entitled Others
unwelcomed emoting immigrants
encroaching on our safe home space

Others employed corporate attorneys
and management vested accountants
keeping hidden retainers,
possibly cooking kickbacks
and slow stealing our collateral
real propertied co-investments.

Nor does this predative silence
of neglect,
sound newly sinister

Darkly aged,
unconscioiusly mature
and overwhelmingly mighty,
waiting to weighty collapse
under inadequate concrete savings
against rainy steel-bent days
unveiling structural collapse,
lack of sufficient safely humane
compassionate glue
greasing capital co-invested
resonantly resilient resources.

I taste bitter refuse
of a half-century collapse
beginning with personal
and corporate developing greed,
consumer theft,
dis-incarnate bankruptcy

Future river-front homes
and industrious
beauty restored businesses
starved by disingenuous divestment,
sold and bought at public auction
by a second degeneration
of non-resident
richer investors
supported by street-side renters
and river-view penthouse winners
with decks
and wealthy walls
of radiant
witless windows.

I know we are waiting,
like resident domestic workers,
starving cockroaches,
striking serpents

To hear our next executive decree
born on high

Another miscarriaged plan
for extracting fees
to impossibly balance debt-riddled budgets,
exploding deferred care
for ourselves
our homes
our neighbors
our vehicles
our plants
our sheltering roof
our cooperatively invested finances,
our future EarthTribe viability

Longing to thrive,
not further derive
imagined barriers between
resident owners
and those non-present investors
and their assumed to be careless
and clueless
unhealthy immigrant Renters

Afraid we cannot polyculturally survive
further entitled executive
“I’m your professional Daddy”
Abuse and autocratic
deferred emotional
and political
and economic neglect

Of healthy GreenCommons interest,
co-invested compassion,
win/win thriving
our most wealthy
abundant cooperation

Healing nightmare visions
wherein I see us
cowering within
our severing
unsafe serpentine walls.


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