Earth’s Spiritual Bodies

A religious voice,

spiritual culture,

sacred climate,

teaching and preaching at the lesser informed and unwise,

more invested in monocultural self-promotion

than co-invested in multicultural listening

and comparative discernment,

choosing more condemning pedantic forms of becoming

over ecotherapeutic reasons for being,

has developed a pathologically inhospitable ecology.


An international polity

growing freedom from nationalistic nutritional constraints

also optimizes freedom toward multiculturally healthy resonance,


ecologically economic cooperatives,

holistically inclusive therapies of organic inclusion.


A still small nature-spirit voice

co-investing in nutritional freedoms

of cooperative organic networks

learns best which direction to advocate

by noticing divestment opportunities

away from competitive WinLose Business As EgoCentrically Usual,

not absorbed within such hypnotic paranoid fascinations

with dissonant anthrocentric death wishes

for those not yet attuned toward your own emerging bicameral WinWin ecology

of economically cooperative minds

with politically positive organic bodies,

naturally accustomed to multiculturally benign democracy within

as iconic of our empathic Body of CoMessianic Earth without,

spiritually feeding on ionic freedoms for multicultural balance

through ecosystemically resonant freedoms from constraints

producing ever-opening freedom toward co-empathic trust.


A nature-spirit wisdom voice

polypathically invests in profoundly multicultural listening;

and sooner is better than waiting

to listen through the other side of death’s door.


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