The Good Society

Is there a doctor in the house?

A cryptic message from the uniting nations, looking for yet another credentialed ecotherapist to surgically remove all our economic and political issues. Those remaining after overdosing on pharmaceuticals as media marketed through normal incorporated competitions for egocentric profit channels and parties and outlets fed by oil-fired over-heating ballistic powers.

Unfortunately, this local ecotherapeutic facilitator and mentor guild is out of rabid pathologists. They are all currently mad with medicines of and for climate illnesses, building sand bag towers across drowning coastal cities the oceans are reclaiming as their own, in their perennial rage against the continents of usurpation. Predators, with power-over monocultural intent, this tidal tug of war between productive lands and consuming seas.

But doctors are best for reacting to already raging and suffered madness, badness, while our ecotherapeutic nurses are nurturing specialists, responsible for co-mentoring regenerative public health, supporting cooperative natural healing laws and organic orders, composting richer climates within dysfunctional families as post-graduate clinical trials before they take on facilitating public-sector governing, multicultural garden uncovering, helpful-healthy community beloving our uniting nations’ polypathically extending families.

For proactively regenerating healthy societies this ecotherapeutic guild recommends our co-empathic cooperative trust mentors, nurturing Good Holistic Sciences and Arts of healing medicines. Where surgeons and psychotropic dispensing political doctors react against predative paranoid economic nightmares, our health-nurturing nurses bring deep-resonantly fired experience returning pathological ecopolitical dark night scares into rememories of multicultural Paradise Dreams singing and dancing through healthy EarthTribe childhoods.

Why seek yet another burnt-out surgical WinLose pathologist when we have so many healthy WinWin eco-nutritional mentors? Trees creating good from bad atmospheres and pollinators regenerating depleted ecopolitical soils and barren, former ecologically healthy, souls.

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