Manger of CoOperative Manna

To reconnect with Earth
as seen by our Right mindbody,
we need only recall
how life looked and felt
absorbently smelled and smacked
as an infant
yet within Earth Mother’s warm womb
producing manna from Heaven,
perfectly organic nutritional values
and commodities
and purposes and vocations
for your enculturing transformation
as EarthHeaven’s,
yolk with transparent eggwhite
eco-ego identity,
neurally firing Left deductive
as Right inductive,
vice versa
dominant convex OVER recessive concave
regenerative rhythms and songs and cultures
and Zero-Soul metric polynomial information systems.

There you are
here we are,
sucking and breathing in eco-individuation
to exhale rich compost for synthesis
of Earth’s co-habiting atmosphere,
seasonal functions,
co-gravitational frequencies,
bionically dipolar DNA information positive concave,
OVER ex-formating N(NP) negative convex,
regenerating our ecoconscious-emergence.

To reconnect with Earth
we need only recall
we are Heaven with Earth’s infants
peaceful co-messiahs
within Earth Mother’s
warm-wombing advent-incubative
co-operatively intended and full-willed manger
of PolyCultural manna.