Gift Horses

If we want to improve our shared climates,
and our interior, more guardedly intimate and vulnerable,
then we best cooperatively manage our nutritional/toxic landscapes.

Annual planning by individuals and families
seldom hopes to regenerate ecosystemic climate health,
but can realistically engage in discernment of healthy landscapes,
interior and exterior.

Combined and shared within a healthy democratic culture,
our cumulative ego/ecotherapeutic intent,
are our best cycle of hope and positive multiculturing faith
toward global climate health,
and not so much internal/external pathology.

To fully embrace a gift,
especially those inherited from our Elders
and perhaps still accessible for our children
and their children,
is to invite our climates and landscapes as sacred ecological grace
and also to accept responsibility
for gifts uses,
maintenance and repair,
eventual repurpose,
recycling any degenerative waste produced
as a questionable gift
for Earth’s next generation of interdependent species,
and the next…
for how many generations?

Gifts, like sacraments, bring gratitude
for changing new authorities over resources,
nutritional flow of opportunities
but with a potential risk of responsibility
for contributing to our children’s toxic waste stream.

A principle of Permaculture Design
endorses planning from broader spacetime pattern
of spring through winter climates
and back to spring again patterns first,
then look more closely
deeply in to more specific landscape networking details
of regenerative authorities
inherited from Elders
and degenerative responsibilities,
healthy production flows
and unhealthy waste streams
left to and for fragile future new-growth regenerators
and vulnerable degenerators.

Which is why,
contrary to what my grandfather advised,
I am learning to look even gifted horses
in their mouths
to count the landscape costs
and to appreciate climate details
of healthy horsepowered teeth,
devouring and recreating sacred ecosystems,
regenerative and decomposing change.


Wealthy EcoNormic Promise

He spoke with his ego-systemic body
through his own eco-logical maturation.

She flowed bilateral time
with her ego-eco centering mind
incarnating Earth’s humane regenerate economy.

Together they commune nature-spirit hybrids,
bicamerally creolic
co-redeeming care-giving spirits,
completing each holonic tridium of becoming
one within spacetime’s ecological promise,
three-placed co-present economy
of trilateral political grace,
playing enculturing WinWin games
ego-eco creations of just right mentoring integrity
strategizing cooperative economic-logical health,
this Holy Trinity’s supply and demand
for resonant triaged wealth.

He asked of this grey spirit,
Are we white or black,
male or female?

She responds in gray embodied script
Yes, both white and black,
patriarchs born of bodhisattva matriarchs,
yet not mature all white
and yet not mature all black,
and in-between our ecologic-economic natures meet
enspiriting cooperations
of integrity
with all trinitarian stories past enfolded
and all those yet wu wei unfolding
within Earth’s potential bounty.

Each languaged life,
both embodied left and mindful right relational
internal political landscapes
dawning through Earth’s renewal
of and for external climate health of bodymind
organic integration networks,
integrity of love’s polyphonic wealth.

And so this marriage
of ego-capital,
wisdom’s logical acquisition
and accumulating
and re-investing body,
with eco-normative mind
regenerates nature-spirit nondual wedded stories
co-arising through each reweaving
incarnate Promise Day.


Careful Revolutions

I believe great political
and psychological
and spiritual
and natural transitions
are places of great deep learning
with concomitant risk;
responsible for opportunities
with authority for absorbing requisite
and repulsing unnecessary degenerative risks.

These great transitions,
like weddings
and births
and deaths
and elections
and changes from winter toward summer
are yin-death of one thing
into yang-birth of another,
a commencement into regenerate opportunity,
decomposing multilateral historical risks.

This great transitioning political season wheel
turns through psychological reasons,
trusts and distrusts,
circling revolutionary around
creolic nature-spirit stories
of creation
with concomitant decomposition,
Yang opportunity
with multilateral Yin risks of devolution

Within this Tao wheel of regenerativity
are great transitioning edges,
where evolutionary change
emerges more revolutionary noticed.

Great transitional edges
are landscapes
wherein climate double-boundaries
between death
and embryonic birth
grow transparently thin
and bilaterally spacetime translucent.


Journeys with Fr. Time

I’m Sister EarthChild
journalist with Youth Radio
speaking with Mother Time,
who recently published her hilarious
“Journeys With Father Time:
Wasted Journals of Mother Time.”

First, I want you to know
I’ve been reading your book
as if it were my own story.
So, why the “wasted” journals?

Mother Time:
Our issues of apparent matriarchal waste
in cooperative nature
may be better grasped
as ecosystemic boundary issues,
between Fr. Time’s Journey
and my Journal,
confined to the back pages
of history.

And, yet,
my point is this waste is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Energy and resources from one organism,
invested in one species,
contribute to supporting deductive lower-order
consumer co-owned foodchain providers
supported by
inductive higher-order ecosystem nurturers,
WinWin matriarchal cooperative networks,
political relationships,
economic transactions.

Apparent deductive decomposing waste
feedback re-investments
to help cooperatively maintain
our spiraling flow of energy
and sacred environmental seasonal stability
for all transitioning organisms,
great and small.

So my matriarchal journals
are about wastes of history,
when matriarchal cooperative ecopolitical systems
were not yet fully commodified
and were under-invested
of and for more cooperative values
of democratic trust
and mutual freedoms,
rights and lefts together.

Sister EarthChild:
You talk funny.
Are you asking us to reconsider
matriarchal waste as symbiotic exchange
between and within partnering Patriarchs with Matriarchs?
And, if so,
pardon me,
but isn’t that rather an old school invitation?

M. T.
Journeys With Father Time
are nutritional gambles,
where even trees hedge our bets,
extracting nutrients from old leaves
before recycling,
freely absorbing as needed
when needed,
but no more.
And, if less,
we do not blame them
for wasting what they never had to give.

S. E.
You say,
of your journeys in dialogue with Fr. Time,
“these are sustained by resource richness
producing excess dissonant waste,
re-investments supporting higher
yet denser
nutritionally healthy outcomes.”
Is that faith
in the supremacy of cooperation
over competition,
do you think?
I was just wondering,
trying to follow the regenerative string
of your co-creation story.

M. T.
We can look at matriarchal history
to find apparent RightBrain waste
as potential LeftBrain abundance.
Over time,
unused resources
become energy sources for something other,
some polypathic nutritional system
of Earth’s co-intelligence.
This is a liberating process,
but freedom of authority
including responsible limits on cooperatively available energy,
within any one journey,
one time,
one space,
limits of polypathic diversity,
pressured through competitions
about what is waste and what is of healthy value,
yet continuously within WinWin
co-absorbing regenerativity.

S. E.
Any final thoughts?
We’re almost out of time.

M. T.
Almost out of time for Patriarchy Knows Best Journeys.
To your generation of sisters,
work on lower carbon-cost investments
for re-investing deductive/inductive
decompositional journalistic materials,
lesson plans,
designs for regenerative network building.

S. E.
And, I guess we’ll have to leave you with that.
Whatever that was.
can we talk about my favorite story,
The Rise and Fall of Roman-Capitalist Colonialism?

M. T.
Oh, really?
That’s your favorite?
The one where the Patriarchal God of Love
builds ballistic bombs and bullets
so we can militarize and criminalize
future generations
worshiping this Patriarchal God of Loving Mistrust,
made in our own memories
of further travels with Fr. Time?

S. E.
Yes, that one!
Kind of a mix of gothic horror
with operatic tragic-comedy.

M. T.
I think that’s my favorite wasted journal entry too.


Starting With Healthy Beginnings

Let’s start at the beginning
of your ecotherapeutic day.

I’m talking today with Fr. Time,
Earth’s only fully self-ordained ecotherapist,
and recently published author of
“Journals of Mother Time.”

We have no corporate sponsorships to report,
although we are for sale
especially if you’re buying,
or know anyone who is,
and can afford us–
cause we ain’t cheap.

Well then,
What do you eat for breakfast?

Usually mushrooms with fish oil
and a little pomegranate juice.

Any particular kind of mushrooms?

No, just a generic mix, why?
You want some recommendations?

Sure, why not.
You’re going to go there anyway.

Stay away from the poisonous ones,
more toxic ways of being
and becoming
too internally competitive,
riled up.

Well, thank you, I think…
I know that’s gonna make my day.
So, what’s after breakfast?

Usually lunch.

Is this like a culinary theme?
Oh…I get it…
the ecotherapist
is also a nutrition producer/consumer balancing actor
within regenerative cultures of health.

So, tell us, Fr. Time,
What do you make and eat for lunch
and are you sure you’re not supported
by the Robert Woods Johnson folks?

Could you do one question at a time, please?
I have trouble hearing both at once.

you’re gonna try aren’t ya?

only because of your gracious invitation
to apply what we learn from cultures of health
regarding nutritional choices
for internal and external climates
nurturing sensory cooperations.

Oh, Yes.
Matriarchy rears your democratic agenda again.
Help me understand
why you connect patriarchal politics
to capitalism’s competitive economics?

They are nondual partners
and are clearly not my protagonists.
We should choose a healthier lunch
in a culture of nutritional wealth,
regenerate abundance.

Not choose at all?
Or, not choose as much
of the patriarchal option?

Not choose patriarchal capitalism
over matriarchal cooperative-investment
in democracy-optimizing equity
of nutritional multiculturalism,
if we have to call it all that.
why not just call it
Ego-EcoSystemic BiLateral
This wasted complexity
is beyond my present time
of eco-conscious reason.

I’m sorry.
Was that yes,
don’t ever choose over-investing in patriarchal ecopolitical systems
No, it’s OK to go with better balancing patriarchal strengths
with matriarchal nurturing of co-equity cooperatives.

Why is it always either-or with you?

OK. Time out.
Remember our interview contract.
I do the asking.
You do just the answering part.
And, you are not allowed to critique my questions
while we’re on air together,
or even later,
when you’re off on your own
talking to some other LeftBrain dominant journalist.

Oh, that’s who you are today?
Yes, It’s OK to play Win/Lose as responsive to prior
patriarchal competitive Win/Lose LeftBrain dominant players
and actors
and governors
and educators
and medical professionals
and care-givers providing Anger Management skills
rather than deep ecotherapeutic learning skills
of ecological light and dark,
warm and cold,
seasons with nutritionally flowing reasons,
skill sets for decomposing
Principles of Reversion.

no it’s not OK
for matriarchal cooperative creolization
of Win/Win ecopolitics
to not exegetically delineate
sacred polypathic ecology.

These two responses
are double-bound,
heuristically notnot,
causing cognitive-affective equivocating dissonance,
until notnot equals matriarchal/patriarchal ecopolitical cooperation.

And, this Left Patriarchal Dominance
and Right Matriarchal ecosystemic cooperative ownership
and self-with-other governance
is where we Golden Rule started,
in our matriarchal string of wombs,
that’s where Fr. Time articulates
we best win spiraling up and in together.

My memory of our contract stipulates that,
just as I am confined to ecotherapeutic responses,
you are confined to asking questions
about how I get through my self-journeying day.

Quite right, and left.
sometimes I get drawn into your ebbing
and egging
and flowing
and flowering cooperative web.

So, lunch.
What’s for lunch?

Not sure.
Whatever the Robert Woods Johnson folks
are buying
to further our cooperative global health.

Not McDonalds I guess.

At least not until they change their structure
to cooperative employee ownership
and start serving
more mushrooms and fish oil
with pomegranate juice
for lunch.
More of a brunch really.

Fortunately, I’m out of time
to waste asking you questions today.
So, we’ll have to hear about Dinner
during a later visit.
Thanks for coming by
and why
didn’t you disclose
your Robert Wood Johnson sponsorship?

Nothing to disclose.
I told you.
I support them
as I support all cooperative deep sacred ecological education
and governance
as ecotherapeutic remediation
of LeftBrain enculturation dominance
way back
in PreMillennial Times.

I signed our PostMillennial ReGenerative Interview Contract
supporting opportunities of cooperative corporate,
profit and non-profit,
public and private sector,
educational and family sector
economic and political health.

You know,
you scare me sometimes.

Was that a question?
Because the answer is Yes,
but you scare easily
when confronted by cooperative Commons
(0)-sum ego-ecological sense.

Is this about who is going to control
this interview?

It’s about us co-operating
our global ecotherapeutic climates
of discerning just what is our optimal enculturation
of healthy intent,
polypathic bilaterality
toward more gracious ecological

Is that dinner for you?

The whole banquet of life.

Our contract stipulates
a cooperative partnership.
That extends to corporate sponsors.

You say produce,
I say consume.


Growing Healthier Times

If life animates predation,
dynamic investments of time grow ego’s prey.

When predative life
captures memories of time’s investments
we have opportunity to devour and constipated hoard,
and healthier invitations to absorb with love
and cooperatively re-invest.

Predation is to survival competitions
as strategic WinWin planning is to thrival cooperations
of co-animating life
with roots derived from,
and still continuously connected with,
thermodynamic co-gravitating spacetime.

This time of humane revolutions
returning back to re-invest within Earth’s multiculturing natures
is not to berate and bury shortcomings of evolutionary theories
with capital catch and self-invest applications
confined to monocultural survival
of the highest and mightiest and fittest individual
and species.
The poor in cooperative spirit
we will always patriarchally have within us.

Yet this over-praised despair
about too predative life
preying on too short time
is our understory of LeftBrain emergence
into historic enculturing dominance.
We have arrived in this time to praise this well-capitalized Caesar
not to wastefully bury him.

This story
tells our praying times
and predation places.
This evolution story
is one of patriarchal capture
as this Great Transition Revolution
becomes nondual two
of what to do
with Right to LeftBrain recapture,
turning back toward RightBrain equivalent re-investment,
Paradise Land of WinWin cooperative co-ownership,
self management and together governance
rooted in this most radical trust
that ego’s life
is to Earth’s eco-valuing time
as Yang within YinSquared double-binding
ecosystemic fractal balance of becoming
who we have most regeneratively
and originally
throughout (0)-Core Prime Relational 4D SpaceTime.

This PostMillennial Revolution Story
speaks WinWin cooperation language
to patriarchal capitalism’s idolatrous WinLose hoarding
of egocentered reified success, deductive only
where life embraces Earth’s right and gracious Time
within this global health-invested climate
cooperation’s revolutionary life-time.

Matriarchal predators gather with and for regenerative healthing time,
while all pre-millennial patriarchal dominance hides and fades
back to and for re-investing captured herstory ecobalance,
understory of integrity’s WinWin revolutionary enculturing potential
Tipping Points of wu wei healthy Tao=BiLateralTime Harmonics,
where positive life becomes notyet here and notyet past
notnot double-binding time present graced
sacred ecology.

As PolyNomial Language speaks
Not(Not PolyPathic) SpaceTime,
so does EgoYang Life
embrace EcoYinYin bilateral spiraling Reversion-Time.

Major octave keys
are no more
no less
than double-minor flat and sharp potentials
waiting to resolve.

Evolving life cooperates through matriarchal revolution
strings of co-investing embryonic,
and still regenerating diastatic positive,
Abundant TaoTime.

Life animates predation,
de-animates sedation,
dynamic co-investments of time
grow Earth’s gathering patriarchal/matriarchal wisdom.