Adventures in Time Swings

adventures in annual rings of evolving trees,
culminates in EcoMessianic MidNight
as MidWay Mass,
Winter’s purgative soul-sticing Season
empathically uncovering perennial rebirth.

Primal Corollary–
Advent does not culminate at (0)-soul on CoMessiah Day,
but climaxes full-diastatic on Christmas MidWay Eve.

ReGenerating (0) souls–
dark aged advent toward CoMessianic New Cooperative Adventures,
a New Millennial ReGenerative Age
with PolyCulturally Beloved Community therapeutic outcomes,
using PermaCultured Continuous Quality Improvement Standards.

Continuous Quality Improvement of ReGenerative SpaceTime–
preparing for
next falling harvest of Win-Win Wisdom,
winnowed discernment of overly-competitive Win-Lose Pathology,
culminating in slow-growth evolution,
Adventures of Earth’s CoMessianic Tribes.

Traveling back to Christmas Past,
back in dark PreMillennial Time,
denatured from space’s incarnated flower
and bilateral flow function,
back during darker age
of monopolistic Emire building,
Ego’s little incorporating dominatrix trend,
embarrassingly naked now,
to a PostMillennial crowd
sourcing cooperative compost polycultures
and vocations
and homes
and political parties,
and economic platforms
and other embryonic ecotherapies,
each a more co-expathology than the prior year
introducing increased correlational empathic outcomes
as co-arising mutual gravitation
between earlier waves of anger
predicting later waves of pathological fear
where love of solidarity WillPower Presence
intends mutually subsidiary Present, relationships/transactions/incarnations,
co-poly-empathically resides
PostMillennially universally-enfranchised PolyPathic Being
as Evolutionary Becoming EcoConsciousness.

Traveling forward to Christmas Future,
Great Transitional adventure swing
toward more PermaCultural Form with Function,
in EcoFractal Frequencies of Prime Relational Balance,
Left as YangPolynomial
dipolar with Right as YinYin DoubleNegative
BiEmpathic CoOperative CoRelation
ConScience as Adventing Adventures of Earth’s Tribes.


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