Right Mind Solstice

If Left MindBody is the iconic foot of language
and resolutions,
whether for a new year
or for a new day,
then Right MindBody may emerge an ionic footprint,
syntax for regenerative language
as resonance of positive love feelings
and negative anger and fear and hate and anxiety empathic feelings.

Right mind sees and hears and feels and feeds on individuating Presence,
where Left mind domesticates,
lists and catalogs independent Persons.

Right mindbody enters a balancing
holy threshold boundary
of insane voices
angry about ego’s past,
afraid for both ego and Earth’s future
and for this Universe
as embryonic nest or “heaven”
of Earth,
potentially and therapeutically Beloved
and Climaxing
physical-natural organic, Heaven on Earth.

Afraid ego will not have sufficient time
to complete our HeavenlyEarth assigned
co-messianic vocation;
but also, doubly,
boundary thresholding

toward loving mutually empathic Presence
of, in, by, through co-relational Present,
co-arising eco-gravitationally systemic regeneration
for our universal
and yet polyculturally uniting-inviting love
of timeless NOW.

Here lies Right mind’s narrow path of empathic Presence,
between fear of fear’s fractured future
and anger’s anvil of past discontent.



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