Sacrilege of Terror

The host-guest relationship is more or less sacred all over the world. (Gregory Bateson, Sacred Unity)

Except among terrorists, where host and guest are reversed in priority
and assumed to become mutually antagonistic
and parasitic,
which defines paranoia
which is blind to sacred unity of co-hosts and co-guests.

Sacred is the integrity of each moment’s organic,
timelessly regenerate potential.

Violence intended to power-over with terror
when power-with options remain as accessible as breathing
oxygen in and out,
to choose to competitively decompose
rather than power-with regenerate
Earth’s sacred organic host/guest relationships is,
by any cultural definition of all that we hold sacred,
a sacrilegious profanity.

and its fundamental anthro-supremacist roots,
is as anti-Allah
as anti-Christ.

Terrorism walks wherever abusive powering-over innocence
exploits fear for ecopolitical gain.

The only ecopolitical line between sacrilege of abuse,
intended to raise terror,
and ethno-centric neglect,
intended to protect ego’s falsely independent security,
are the lines that balance my and your integrity of authority
within Earth’s global nutritional responsibilities
to mentor,
and thereby advocate,
co-redemptive healthy climates,
which are organically sacred
and not so much terrorist sacrilege.


3 thoughts on “Sacrilege of Terror

    • Thx so much for feedback. Gregory Bateson has seldom been inspirational for me, but deeply thought provoking, so I simply applied his style of ecological analysis to this contemporary and important global concern.

      Gerald Oliver

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