Donald’s Dynasty Designs

I hear Donald Trump
would love to bring to Republican plutocracy
what Abraham Lincoln represented for civilly warring democracy,
but that anti-enslavement resolution
is too hard for me to focus and sustain
in Trump is DivineTrump Land.

What remains most easily
is Donald Trump
as a Ronald Reagan rerun,
a bit of black and mostly relentlessly white,
although not really quite.

Perhaps if Ronald
had been born as comfortably
as Donald,
then he too would never have worked with his body,
and not so much played with his hands,
to make an honest Abe-ish living.

Unlike Donald,
Ronald actually had experience
working for his mortgage.
Well, almost anyway.
Ronald at least had to act as if he could work to make a living,
and on occasion actually remember his lines on cue,
or even deliver four syllables all in one big mean word,
while Donald invests more in one syllable gestures
at least with half our resident population.

And, Abe had some adolescent and young adult experience
with manual labor
and at least cooperatively owned his own attorney at lawyering business,
while for Ronald,
much less Donald,
these were acting skills
as comforting as heroic horse back riding.

So, no, Donald,
you’re no Abe Lincoln,
and only in your happiest imagination
would you be as good at play acting President
as was Ronald.
You’re just another plutocratic Donald,
not even economically effective at playing Republican.

I wonder if Attila the Hun
was the logical progenitive cause of Republicans,
as Donald Trumps their final post climate-health conclusion;
most illogically anachronistic
to use white over black not quite film stars with patriarchal stripes
when so much polypathic full-color talent
waits in more multiculturally fresh-aired wings.


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