Life Thru A Thousand Deaths

Here life waits
with a thousand little discontinuous deaths, again,
right here in The Evolving Self’s
sixth principle of preferable options for more humane revolutions
of evolution,
lurking behind Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

I had seen this life coming
when he began by rooting around
in primally co-arising principles of thermodynamics.

The second Yang-negative principle of monocultural hubris,
entropy as arhythmic yet mutually struggling against competitions,
with Yintegral positive
as first open sesame systemic cooperative principle
of regeneratively abundant flow.

Every system tends to keep its bio-geometric shape
well-suited for cooperative regeneration,
rooted in past DNA,
on back through root systemic RNA,
resonantly symbiotic healthy organic, fractally unfolding, designs,
but also rooting for future healthy cooperative regenerations
living within Earth’s wilderness of ecstasy,
symbiotic networks of sacred nature nurturing informating
healthy Earth ecological rights,
devouring wrongs of Yangish ego-anthro centric over-powering excess.

This first cooperative thermodynamic balance principle,
resolving around and in and through
our 4D spacetime RealLife universe,
is WinWin as Yin-squared equals positive notnot Yang
co-arising nondual ecosystems
with organic self-regenerative
resonantly octaved co-gravitation,
yet multigenerationally positive-centered,
between past DNA exegetical memories of orthodox ecological experience
and future health and safety assurance projections;
between risks and opportunities of kosmic Earth wildness life
where Left and Right do our best to make love
and not quite so much entropic war.

Anyway, back to Mihaly’s sixth dynamic,
suspiciously or radiantly Taoist,
depending on your own predilections,
principle of humane self-governing evolution:

We have two appositional dynamics in our lifetime evolution;
health with pathology potential changes
leading toward WinWin power-with harmonic flow,
using cooperative energy resources
as mutual gratitude invited namaste,
yet also risks leading toward further arhythmic competitions
powering-over Yang’s WinLose mistrusts
about Earth’s life v death egocentric revolutions,
extracting energy for monoculturing hubris,
paternalistic patriotic exploitation of fear and angry condemnations,
further starving ego’s potential health
through a thousand deaths and loss and suffering
of entropic maya,
conflicting competitions struggling against further disorder,
rather than struggling with today’s cognitive-affective dissonance
to deep learn self-ecosystemic care.

It seems perceptually important to believe,
perhaps even to smell and taste and feel remember,
as if implied by this first cooperative yeasty embryonic principle itself,
that Yintegral flow of health
cannot evolve in a total absence of Yang’s darker competitive shadow-memory.

For me,
I have come to see optimally regenerative health,
cooperatively Yintegral power-withing flow,
as health within Earth’s double-binding temporal spectrum,
between pathology of excessive consumption in my accumulating past
and pathology of excessive ego-energy loss through over-production,
self-demoting depressions and repressions,
like a poor Black life voting for Trump.

Either too positive yang powering over others’ equivalent freedoms for becoming,
or too negative Yang recessive
depressive loss of healthy ego/eco
as Left/Right mindbody balance,
become midway inbetween struggling with
rather than against notnot Yang as YinYin’s
WinWin flow abundance.

Within this bicameral Taoist nondual pair of lenses,
our wu wei Tipping Point dipolar trick
is to discern when and where Yang/Yin struggling with less than optimal nondual co-arising flow
veers off into Yang struggling against Earth-as-EcoCentric regenerative polypathic yin-squared proportion,
equivalent to Yang-squared = c-squared Commons
and Yin-squared = Eulerian prime symbiotic relationship,
co-gravitating bilateral past information
with future polynomial-polypathic voyage of languaged time
emerging through dimensional spatial functions,
sustained by nutritional DNA thermodynamic and ecological ecosystemic strictures
of double-fractal = octave harmonic enlightening ecoconsciousness;

Humane evolution as cooperative Ego as Other as Earth iconic
ionic co-gravitationally nondual symbiotic enlightenment,
we are becoming what we have digested from past embryonic regenerate wombs,
nutritional memories of time’s Yang/Yin passing,
yet we are also whom we are Yang/Yin
Left/Right mindbody,
West/East Earth-capital healthwealth ecopolitical value,
power-over/power-with becoming
through future WinWin
positive/double-bind notnot reiterations
of speeding/racing energetic light/dualdark,
emerging from BlackHole stardust irradiating potential
frequencies of co-functioning formations.

It proves difficult to summarize
regeneration as a dynamic verb of becoming balance
rather than as some static Earth-stage
or ground
of revolutionary being ego/ecoconsciousness.

But, at the end of my polypathically multiculturing day,
Climate Health is what we all economically and politically
as ecologically, want.

EarthRights (not so much Yangish hubris Wrongs)
are what we know as nutritionally positive health,
while climate pathologies are both Left and Right extremes
further exposing subclimates and landscapes,
both interior ego identified
and exterior eco-capital Earth-As-Home, identified,
which are what we do not ecopolitically-ecologically desire
because they are not both Left and Right mindbody
nondual ecoconsciously co-arising
regenerative (0)-sum (Fuller, Perelman) health,
without concomitant ecosystemic loss of wealthy futures as co-present
reweaving Ego/Eco Time our bicameral Tao-Selves.

Continuous life
with a thousand little discontinuous deaths
to ego/eco-empowering consciousness
flowing over
breathing and beating and flying and swimming and racing through
Earth’s cooperative multiculturing identities.


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