Public Policies v Reactive Comb-Overs

Public policies are program designs
with regenerative health and safety vetted practices,
rooted in evidence of positive outcomes
and usually supported by some form of systematic theory
about why they appear to do more good than harm,
and at what cost compared to alternative strategies.

Producing executive orders
that are primarily reactions against existing public policies
without evidence that these reversals of direction
will not do more harm than good
is not developing responsible public governance policies;
it is elitist dictatorial promulgation of merely subjective influence
without intent to respond to either positive natural
or spiritual,
and certainly not ecologically regenerative, experience
without any democratically responsible analysis of their effects,
specifically in comparison to extant policies
now being replaced by fiat.

To news media:
please do not confuse President Trump’s degenerative procedural orders,
apparently rooted more in fear- and anger-mongering,
with democratic, constitutionally-resonant, establishment of responsible public policy.


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