Running Away from Ren

Why is it
as I watch The International CEO Actor
unilaterally Ordering disinvestment
in both domestic and Earth’s cooperative-organic health,
I feel cold harsh January snowblow storms?

Dismaying cold
calling me toward hibernating silo of unencumbered sleep,
possibly to dream of sequestering unpaid taxes
to invest, instead,
in WinWin EcoPolitical Cooperative Ownership
for Health-As-Wealth EcoRegional Management
of personal and famiial and community regenerative self-governance resources
for thrival,
come this warmer, flowering Spring investment time.

Why is it,
as I grapple with the Gordons’ bicameral-bilateral cooperatives,
their ecopolitical creolization of CEO-Elitist histories
with marginalized matriarchal-growing proletariat cooperative herstories,
understories of deep ecological learning Positive Deviant polypaths
toward SpringTime’s evolving eco-liberation for all EarthTribe;
why is it, again, that creole polypathically outgrows competitive WinLose devolutionary assumptions
about nihilistic-totalitarian future prospects
rather than healthier summer climates
inside as multiculturally outside?

Why is it,
as I LeftBrain deductively devour Lakoff’s bicameral LeftProgress
and RightConserve,
regenerate health to disinvest from immoral pathological degeneration,
I see China’s teleological search
for humanity’s Yang/Yin EcoBalance
and not so much our Executive Ordered jingshen kongxu (anti-humane-ing void)?

India’s quest for more regenerate positive karma toward thrive,
And JudeoChristian narrow-dense-rich normative-moral,
natural experience with spiritual attracting/repulsing
bilateral WuWay of cooperative Grace (not competing Hubris),
defeating BusinessAsUsual Executive Supremacist Condemnation
to LoseLose nihilistic Hell as Earth’s unpromising Fallen Future.

And Islamic ecological Paradise of Tremendous Yang-Allah Wonder
rather than immune-marginalized,
and Alien emarginating
degenerating Sojourner Hospitality
into Terrorist WinLose economic and political fear-rooted aggression,
while desertification of colder and older blasted MotherLands
squandering rape of Yin cooperative-integral matriarchal organic health-networks,
continues to escalate toward inevitable January nihilism,
coldly old stagnant militaristic FascistTradition,
where once lived blossoms of organic love
of patriarch/matriarch ego/eco-balancing life systems.

Mutual Terrorist LoseLose Destruction,
rather than Cooperative WinWin ReGenerational Optimization,
in response to watching The CEO
unilaterally Ordering disinvestment
from Earth’s regenerative-resonant climates of health and safety,
both domestically and internationally hibernating
in ren-searching silos
of hope for healthier liberating Spring.


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