PreTrumpian Pronouncements

I saw there was a mow-down in Las Vegas
of country western loves.
And also heard our President
was about to share his view.
But before he had his chance
to enlighten one and all,
I figured his best solution
was to hope before the next time
we’ll all do our patriotic duty,
go out and buy the best automatic multi-repeating rifle
with scope that we can afford to buy,
so everyone can keep a well-scoped eye
on all the other country western wise
before we blast each other’s patriotic duty
to stand and salute both our flags of equally good history,
leave no child with any color standing,
left unpatriotically behind.


One thought on “PreTrumpian Pronouncements

  1. Janet Tanner says:

    After the events of the last week, I want to join the ranks of “unpatriotic” Americans to show my appreciation to all the veterans who shed their blood to protect our liberty to live freely and equally and to enjoy the rights of free speech and expression. According to Trump, being a “patriot” means adhering to his edicts and submitting to his will. We are also expected to live in fear of gun toting white nationalists because they are “law abiding” citizens who need to protect themselves against anyone who does not look like them.


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