Paradise Reincarnating

There is a hope among my people

that after life may be as we most wish

our hope of peaceful dreams fulfilled.


We call this hope Paradise,

Beloved Community,

for some an Edenic Garden of

permacultured polycultural

color-dense absorbent nutrients,

mutual succulence

of sight

and touch

and sound

and fragrant mind and time balanced graciously,

richly hued and tasted.


It seems important to incarnate this dream


where we are

with whom we are,

our Self and our Other right relationships,

and our normative awareness of Original Intent.

This mouthful is our mindful.


To live actively and peacefully toward that future

we would most hope to continue

to remember

to reincarnate

to pass from still toward bi-sonic reweaving

on the other side of this potentiating incubator.


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