Decadent Zeroisms

When we are eighty
wisdom of eight
conjoins balance of zero waste.

When we are seventy
full weight of seven
cohabitates balance with zero-timeless patience.

When we are sixty
co-arising comprehension of six
connects to close harmonize full octave
zero through eight syntax,
a rhythm standard RNA design
for optimal natural polynomial performance.

When we are fifty
we face mid-century crisis
to reconnect five’s eco-centric superlogic
to dominantly reductive maturing ego,
or continue disconnecting
egocentric economic imbalance
competing with ecologically inclusive co-redemption
of all polycultural nature
shrilly screaming regenerate cells
demanding we return to slower
sustained optimal zero-centric pace
of co-arising life.

When we are forty
fatness of four
closes an unwelcome zero-platform door
on halfway to eighty.


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