Party Games

What are the odds that either Democratic or Republican leaders
will ever again remember how to host a Party?

Imagine these invitations we receive:
Dear Ms. Democrat,
Dear Mr. Republican,
Please come to our Leadership Party,
primarily to listen to us rant and rave
about why to avoid going to any of those other parties,
and how to avoid asking stupid primal questions,
too hypnotized by lust for anthrocentric hypnotic power games.

This is not my idea of recreation
or creative expression
or even entertainment
much less an improvement over Charades
wherein at least you can choose to listen
through all those less than excellent solutions:
not this
not that
not now
not later
not before.

Why is it not OK
to ask more resonant political and economic questions
at political and economic leadership parties?
Perhaps we could skip the depressing alcoholic punch,
try some THC,
while playing political and economic charades,
opening both-and bicamerality
where either-or had been the only strategic advantage
for monopoly winning outcomes.

I’m deep-bone tired of Musical Chairs
and Pin the Tail of responsibility
on the other party’s butt of sociopathic non-accountability.

Decent political parties don’t play
Spin the Porky Competition Bottle
all night behind smoke-filled self-engorging doors.
I would rather stay home
and continue losing Solitaire,
but thanks so much for not thinking of me
or my family
when you are designing your non-party,
rearranging our furnishings to help pay your mortgage
and send your kids to supremely private anthrocentric schools
teaching all those non-good BusinessAsUsual Monopoly questions.

No thanks for crappy party favors
and invitations to crashdump that Other Party
rather than enjoy a more cooperative civil right
to party hearty healthy happy
swimming together in one environmental pool;
not flying apart
with everyone striking other guests and hosts
like overstuffed piñatas.

What are the odds of conjoining our deeper Left-Right EcoBalancing Party,
my polypathic slice of co-operative poli-economic Paradise?


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