Trump’s Plutocratic Party

Plutocracy–politics for, of, by, and with financial riches.

What does Donald Trump tell us
about what he expects for us and from us
in return for his personal investment
in national political/economic leadership?

In the past record
he seems to have expected to reduce the expenses of labor,
producers of goods and services,
to increase short-term financial benefits
to wealthier co-investors,
like himself.

If Mr. Trump has run on his past record
then why would workers,
producers of goods and services,
much less prisoners and homeless and marginalized populations,
expect a change of game plan?

If he has asked us to anticipate a change of game plan,
then what does he offer by way of relevant experience
for any public office
intended to grow our long-term sustainable
healthy, happy, and reasonably good-humored, cooperative prosperity?

I suspect what lies behind this Trump Card’s motivation to win
is a significant private wager that he could buy this too
if he really wanted to.
But what he would do with such leadership
once won
would all be downhill loss
for Mr. Trump as for all his plutocratic friends,
their children,
and our children’s children.

Plutocracy could be democracy,
depending on whether we define wealth with healthy cooperative outcomes,
or do we continue with defining health as wealth-competitive outcomes,
and where we draw our ecological political-economic line
distinguishing between healthy wealth and co-arising greed
which breeds envy,
not further regenerative healthy wealth.


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