Who Do We Appreciate?

Earth’s nature is sacred as a rooster,
crowing greetings
and today’s meetings
toward GodSun’s rise.

Sacred as a wolf
howling toward full moon light
feeding times
meeting crimes.

In between functionalist secular Yang
and radically abundant spirit of sacred Yin,
both greetings and meetings
feedings and howlings.

Humane sacred nature,
reified of all Earth
and all DNA/RNA regenerating puppies
and trees
and fish
and birds
and fires and raining baptisms
and fertile forests, then gardens,
made in god’s ecopolitically self-loving image,
yet even more clearly and profoundly and resonantly
uncovered within our mutually-held and harvested Health Creation Story
told as dipolar protagonists
co-arising prophets WinWin Gaming
to not LoseLose shame our deepest Elder Earth-soul,
recycling repurposing reweaving (0)Zen-Tao therapeutic
fractal-dialectal full-octave paradigms
of Basic Nutritional Enlightenment.

Light emerging through all Earth’s ecological health
polypathic biosystems,
beaver boddhisatva peace warningers
hard-slapping PostMillennial Climate Health Messiahs,
co-redeemers within/for ecopolitical solidarity.



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