EarthTribal Abortions

All of the men
and most of the women
I have known
whose most important life-affirming value
is not to be for Earth’s climate health
and is to be adamantly against abortion
of healthy individual fetal life,

Are not motivated by love
of all polycultural
EarthTribe interdependent life’s
organic networking systems
of humane-divine development.

More rigid anti-abortion positions
ironically emerge from confusing
complex interplay
between AnthroSupremacist
LeftBrain monocultural thinking

Supported by white patriarchal
monotheistically hierarchical
RightBrain repressed anxious feelings
that nonstraight
nonwhite folks
have always been less empowered
and inevitably more dimly enlightened
about healthy
divinely inspired
ethical values for health-wealthy life.

Those who have blind faith
in AnthroSupremacist righteous values
but less actual experience
of integrity’s personal blessings

Whose lot in less loved and valued life
is to survive win/lose cosmic ecopolitical realities
rather than win/win EarthTribe anticipations
to holy and holistically thrive

Have less healing experience
emerging consistently
from healthy fetal emergence
and from mentally healthy wombed experience
into light of EarthTribe’s co-empathic
universal commitment
to wealth-share

Rather than continuing
mindlessly aborting Earth’s green/blue health
as a living
organic system
of divinely humane
compassionate providence

More like a polycultural garden
of healthy polypathic loving Elders
than a hotbed of climatic
mutually abortive hate.


That Troubling InterDependent Sensory Web

I mean,

Talk about
boundary issues!

I get it,
why the 7th multicultural value,
and most recent
to finally make it in
to sacred UniversalYang/UnitarianYintegral
ecotherapeutic theology,
green ecofeminist ecology,
declares our polypathic RESPECT
for our interdependent sacred web
of life
win/win reincarnating love

As in,
could EarthMothers
get a little RESPECT?

Which just might not fail to mention
that AnthroSupremacists are
a one among many EarthTribe species,
one of the more recent ones,
which stands out with our
dipolar co-arising
win/win neuro-systemic
Regenerative Communication Crowd

As that StraightWhiteMale privileged
overpopulated anthropocentric terrorist species,
that militarized ballistic stinky species,
that predative capitalist extractive species
of anthrosupremacists

Who wouldn’t know a cooperatively-owned
sacred green interdependent
panentheistic web of compassionate
and curious
and therapeutic love life
if s/he walked right up to him/her
and kissed sacred co-empathic MeWe
right on her/his luscious
nutritious lips.

EcoFeminist spiritual experience
interdependently weaves
economic and political webs of nutritious life,
sexual politics,
sacred polycultural emergence,
bicameral polyphonic resonance
felt balance
thoughtful curiosity
cooperative appreciation
liberal sympathy
trust conserving empathy
GreenEarth Gaian wokeness
indigenous YangSunLight/YinEarthPower
co-invested wisdom

Remains stronger
in Eastern philosophical panentheisms,
polypaths reconnecting thoughts
verbalizing natural/spiritual
outside/inside preferences
for monotheistic voices
making LeftBrain dominant
polarizing Inside/Outside choices.

Someday soon
climate trauma
EarthJustice oppression
EarthPeace suppression
EarthInterdependent RightBrain repression

May engage our cultural curiosity
about why RESPECT for this interdependent web
is a healthy and safe EarthTribal direction,
and yet there are other attributes
we might be wise to actively engage
as well.

I’m also feeling,
“We love becoming engaged
within Earth’s interdependent web of life.”

And I also like,
MeWe co-identity
feels co-passionate
LeftHemisphere Voices
interdependently balancing
a complex HolySpirit web
of panentheistic
RightHemisphere Inspiring FeltChoices.

We AnthroCapitalists
sometimes respect sacred Earth’s
interdependent web
of Truth and Beauty love,

And sometimes we appreciate
this sacred life,

And sometimes we over-invest
in more short-term compromised
self-righteous defensive lives
more like apartheid
than an interdependent sacred web,

And sometimes we submit
to a didactic
dogmatic web of fake
chosen people
rightwing or leftwing
bipolar piety.

And sometimes we royally permit
Earth’s wild polycultural experience
to engage
in earliest win/win memories
of embryonic bilateral sensory communion,
nutritional economic networks
of interdependent life.

And sometimes we act out
against EarthTribe survival
as if we believe only the cockroaches
will thrive
in a redhot pathological Anthropocene,
and roaches are our most resilient Elders,

Although, sadly,
perhaps not our happiest
or most liberated
or particularly enlightened progenitors

Well, maybe more consistent
about respecting our interdependent web
of EarthTribe life.

Who knows,

What healthy/safe relationships
cockroaches feel they interdependently need
and cooperatively want.


Sometimes People Share

Sometimes pandemic people share
pieces of our unspeakable personal story

That no health care worker,
sex therapist player,
or green resonant systems organizer
wants to hear,
much less smell,
or touch,
or deeply feel…

I flinch, sometimes.


Maybe flirt with longer-term
to protect myself
from suicide
to protect ourselves
from ecocide.

Make sure I’m OK
for now
right left here

And agree with my hurting
therapeutic parenting
wounded child
revisiting this past
and present chronic stress
including emotional panic
of darkly changing
and corporate monopoly
money decapitated
by compassionate EarthTribe
commitment to green cooperative

And agree with my hurting adult child
to resist this emotional panic premonition,
inhaled trauma,
physical mental
natural spiritual
shamed and blamed
punished and neglected
disempowered and unenlightened
unless revisited
for further bilateral reflection

To wonder how this bad news
from good people places
is OK to tolerate,
engage with active curiosity
good humored faith
soon as we can figure
what to do with all those unemployed
and too often unemployable

no rush
about defusing the nuclear bombs,
unrushed by unpatriotic fear
that climate degeneration
isn’t also an awkward
forecast for nationalistic
America First
post-pandemic economic depression

For now,
return to deeply listen
for internal trauma,
as yet avoided

Nightmares of Lose/Lose
so far avoided
on our U.S. watch
and witness when Other
karma turns toward Us.

But, again,
no worries,
no knotted panties,
no habitual sad-lined lines

and unseemly
despite longer-term property
and embodied health concerns
about global economic dysfunction,
disturbingly addictive,
spiritually seductive,
physically superlative
self-entertaining medications

Avoiding deep dark meditations
with even more win/lose despair
that slow-grown suicide
feels interpersonally familiar
walking heavily through
melting ecocide

who is this
remembering witness
who flinches?
And is s/he
the same Yintegral green voice
compassionately speaking
that We are co-empathically OK
for now
left right here

But reserve a StraightWhite Privileged choice
to revisit again
as soon as this wounded ecofeminist child
takes this chance
to speak HiStory’s Trauma

And re-imagine together
how we will,
next global warming climate post-pandemic,
re-support each Other
with compassion
and cooperative corporate co-investment

Knowing we will always do long-term battle
together Flinching
while co-arising
ego-centric hurting Voices
making less than Win/Win
health-wealth therapeutically optimizing
BiLaterally CoIntelligent Choices

Not really accessible
when on the darker side
of physical/spiritual addictive substance empathy
flowing somewhere between
temporary dopamined up serotonin escape,

Flirting with sacred suicide ideas
and afflicted by nihilistic despair
of globally disempowering
and locally unenlightened

But, again,
who is this governing witness voice?
this supremely indigenous
EarthTribal choice?

Who sings a full resonant hope
for future healthcare
choosing blue/green resilient
revolving EarthDay
for, and from,
a full whole systemic
ecofeminist Win/Win choice

For more YangStrong
Yintegral Flow balance,
polyphonic harmonies of light,
synergetic equities for cooperative power.

Sometimes people share
winter hibernating gardens
of dualdark
not-not despair


DoubleBoundary Issues

Climate change
does nearly
but not neatly cover up
discomforting complexities
of losing polyculturally rich ecosystems
like transportive air and water
and sacred communion
of sovereign feasting nations

Not really dealing with unresolved issues
like economic boundary chaos

Between each of four regenerative
and degenerative
annual cycling seasons

Awareness of Spring enlightenment
fertility rooting up from inside
and outside
dipolar self/other
regenerative consciousness

DoubleBinding inter-religious healthy arts
and natural wealth economic sciences

And, thereby, empowering
increasingly toxin-laden
atmosphere transport patterns
from Northern MeltDown
spiraling out to equatorial

Both/And Consciousness Boundaries

BiHemispherically curious
about South summer yangness
balancing North winter yintegrity
co-spirating up and down
deep learning
tidal streams
of resiliently sweeping
surging redundance

Implied Boundaries
of atmospheric current complexity

Moving around low-lying
beach bound co-habitations

Competitively embroiled
in monoculturing
anthrosupremacist economics
apartisan inside debates
as if outside climate degeneration
invites us to take our matronly
regal time
with win/lose unelegant assumptions
of Earth’s inevitable demise

Rather than speaking out
for polyculturing health,
for EarthTribe’s Whole Green Peace,
ReStorying Win/Win Strategic Games
for CoOperative Justice

As co-passionately conceived
and resiliently relieved
of all those unsightly
and unseemly stress lines
moving away from
eco-political HealthWealth
optimizing Ego/EcoSystemic
EarthTribe patriotic consciousness

Of Ego’s consensual
EcoSystemic Boundaries

Provoking overheated polar climates
changing Mother Eartha’s cover
dancing complexities of losing
polymathically rich double-binary
ClosedYang and OpenYintegrity
1 and 0
dipolar co-arising
communion of Green EarthTribe’s
indigenous natural/spiritual
nondualistic both/and wisdom issues

More ecofeminist cooperative
than patriarchally competitive
unresolved ambiguity
about dissonance
between rational research thoughts
like science
and intuitively felt
arms of communion
co-operative co-passion

Especially about unresolved
boundary chaos.


Presiding PResidential Properties

Why do Presidents
work out better
when they insist on remaining
persist in reclaiming
active grassrooted residents?

Cooperative property administration health values
are rooted
in eco-cooperative wealth

PolyCultural Values
from regeneratively safe experience
with resilient
and resonant,
CoPassionate Left/Right
bicamerally therapeutic
polyvagal EarthTribe
neurosystemic balance

While recovering
from LeftBrain capital presiding dominance
we begin to explore
RightWing hot red prominence
as too anthrosupremacist,
dissociatively white male straight-line monotheistic,
sadistically against ecofeminist cooperatives
left smirking,
rolling eyes
and roiling panentheistic ears
silently against monopolistic colonists
armed and ready to engage
lose/lose military weapons

Before reconsidering
healthier and green systemic
polycultural resilience

nonviolent bicameral communi-nations
reconsidering vaguely integral
4-Square spiraling
interactive spectral notions

Healthy democratic
win/win game engaging
religiously multicultural health
and strategically appropriate safety

In economically green
ecological administrations
teaching polycultural governing resonance

Of Both/And
not-not positive
dipolar co-arising co-alternatives
explored through grassrooted
therapeutic win/win anticipation

Does more than equal
Either/Or unmusical competitions
LeftBrain dominant
pointing anxiously downstream
toward lose/lose deep
dark anthrosupremacist
Straight Western WhiteMale
climatic monoculturing trauma
history of dark Earth Days
not so greenly healthy
or safely wealthy

Immersed in presiding
over LeftBrain
increasingly RightWing
competitively dominant
win/lose narratives
devoid of Sacred EarthTribe
recreation stories

Ignoring prehistoric songs
and dances
engaging pre-verbalized
indigenous DNA systemic
co-governing structures

fractal presidential patterns
residentially restructured

and rebuilding resilient
polyvagally systemic win/win
strategic playground wisdom.


Rooting Around With Values

The economics student
was gaily rooting around
absorbing nutrients
like compassion
investing in deep learning
positively resonant roots
and negatively dissociative
branching values
and toxic disvalues

When s/he had a bold
green epiphany

These cooperatively positive values
will also inspire
“Nutritional health
co-arises green economic wealth.”

An ecofeminist textbook
not yet streaming
polyculturally accessible
thus continuing
a chronic NorthWest Hemisphere dominant
cultural mystery

Why two negatives
trust equality
of positive
polypathic energy
regenerating nurturing integrity
of synergetically fused co-passion

This economic empowering
and enlightening principle
applied throughout any polynomial
YangTime 1
equals polymathic Yintegral Whole 0 Space

Spreading Open EcoOrganic Green Systems
empowering squared-fractal
dialectical binomial spiraling

LeftBrain dominant integrity
equals RightBrain bicameral NonZero-FullSum
0-not(not) dipolar co-arising balance
also not-not

Dominant Capital Yang
monoculturally overpowering
Recessive but Positive
Yintegral Nutrient Flow

1 Whole EarthSystem
naturally over under-spirited
0 full encircling systems
co-binary valued
as Positive Universal-Yang/Unitarian-Yintegral Balance

Green EcoFeminist economics
also health/wealth cooperative politics

Positively eco-politically regenerative
LeftBrain healthy space
dipolar co-arising
not(not) degenerating RightBrain wisdom

Indigenous wisdom time
revolving toward integrity’s green Earth
economic potential
for investing
in natural love song infesting
enjoying this spiritual co-passion
dance reunion

happy wealthy
ecofeminist enlightened
masculine empowering poli-statistics

Peaceful green cooperative
global revolution
resonating revoiving values
of indigenous LeftBrain winning
is also winning
for RightBrain feelings
about EcoFeminist Earth

Economic spirit
of nutritional systems
NonZero WholeSum designed

To harbor
and co-passion,
and co-liberate,
universal health integrity
of green uniting wealth.


Peak Health Experiences

Yacking Yang
Left Brain

Seeks ego-health information Now

While Right Brain wealth
of green integrity
ecosystemic bilaterally redundant experiences

ReMembered from multiculturing prehistory
up to Present Here
including Sacred Now

Yacking Yang
Left Brain
still seeking
ego-health care giving
and receiving ego/eco-balance
in green inside/outside silence
and red regenerative sounds
resounding EarthTribe’s
Open Whole GreenSystemic
Earth Day and Night


Radly Bad Religion, and Politics, and probably Sex

wealth of bad;

Not so glad
not so rad
and not really healthy gonad
regenerative gospel.

Sad sex,
mad religion,
wealth of unaffordable,
rapaciously bad politics
seducing capitalist white bad boys
with mad cash investments
in wealthy corporate religions
with win/lose purposive missions

To forget we little regular folk
may all worship different Sons,
but all those Sons and Suns
and heavenly Daughters
share one Holy Green EarthMother

sensitively natural,
ecologically nutritious

Not so unenlightened sad
Not so disempowering mad,
Not so health care bad.

Not choosing life
as love
story’s win/win co-arising cues,
good news

Enlightening glad multicultural nonviolence,
green communion,

EarthTribe here is now
radically empowering
mystical peak
indigenously sacred
co-empathic experiences,

neurosystemic communion

Left hemisphere agnostic
Right hemisphere divinely engaged
bilaterally co-enraptured
with full-spectral spiraling
NonZero OpenSpacious Nutritional Systems
supporting ambiguous
sacred curiosity
of a green health
makes a truly wealthy
bodhisattva messianic Planet.

Who could imagine
One ZeroSum
Earth’s biosystemic Other?

What could be Now
without someday becoming There?

Yang strength resonantly Now
without Yintegrity flowing
healthy wealth balance
we would all like to become

ReMembering healthy Then
without sick Here

Economic yintegrity Then
with politically empowering Yang
co-arising potential green
compassionate Here

Sadly rad,
madly bad
singing and dancing
with glad gospel gonads.


School Bored Theories

and our School Boards
are hoppin

Madly divided
’bout race
and white saving face
in-between fashion shoppin.

Dear Red and Blue
School Board Candidates,

Regarding Critical Race Theory
that ignores our own lack
of multiculturing experience,

Perhaps a primally significant reason
we have issues
discussing racial divisions
throughout historical seasons
of revision

Textbooking Straight White Patriarchal treasons
against EarthTribe’s polycultural humanity,

Sacred celebrating multicultural divinity
once felt as synergetic
universal Beauty,

Continues to divide
and conquer
our best LeftBrain schooled dominions
is because rich violent red
patriotic bloodshed
is difficult to own
within our own fascist
unmatriarchal histories

Of capitalized ownership
and encultured Earth corrupting
supremely anthro-worshiping
lack of healthy eco/theological
green stewardship
through co-empathically felt

Red candidates predict
Critical Race Theory
becomes a cynical prescription
for an inevitable future
of win/lose
zero-sum unfolding

Continuing Business As Usual
White versus Black
reverses White,

While Blue candidates refocus
on Critical Race personal experiences
of historical individuals
investing in divested
divided communities,
privileged versus unprivileged
polarized nations,
degenerate climates
of active distrust
in our apartheid studied past,

Not to prescribe an inevitable future
of rightwing supported hate,
but to describe our win/lose racist past

To inform a therapeutic win/win potential future
humanely balanced,
multiculturally healthy
for our democratic
planetary future.

and our School Boards
are hoppin

divided ’bout race
and white saving face
in-between fashion shoppin.

Well, your Mama Eartha’s rich
and your Papa’s Sun
shines bright enlightenin,

So, hush co-despisin,
don’t you,
won’t you try?


War Crimes

War crimes
against nations
are like pandemics
against people

And our neighborly places,
and burrows,
organic host bodies
and soil
and living waters;
sacred spaces,
cathedrals for worshiping integrity
of health
becoming synergistically wealthy

Unlike militarized campaigns
against public health,
devoid of respect
for sacredly shared peace
and EarthJustice

Full of monoculturally diminishing

Virally spreading across widely inclusive victims
of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
unable to contemplate
our own Critical AnthroRace and Gender Experience
of abuse and neglect
including people,
but also plants,
and our biosystemic
formerly healthy planet.

PTSD is an equal opportunity unemployer,
bringing long-term mental/spiritual health issues
to police,
militarized soldiers
following nationalism’s Patriarchal-Capitalist
apartisan line
of war propaganda
more invasively effective
for diminishing humanity
through inciting anger
and inviting fear

Ignoring tools for peace-making
through nonviolent communication
actively hoping to restore
climates and cultures of justice,

To engage public health democracy
for environmentaql peace
and robust integrity

polycultural EarthTribe wealth

Secretions of polyvagal sacred neural memory
prescribing anciently indigenous health
is also EarthWealth
re-engages peace
through polypathic wisdom

Preferring resonantly polyphonic peace gardens,
resilient wilderness sanctuaries,
sun-drenched surf sounding beaches

Hunting grounds,
and recreations destinations
for seagulls

Unfamiliar with war
and PTSD
and crimes against healthcare.