GreenEarth Integrity

Nothingness in spirited spaces
breathed places
windswept re-connecting
re-ligious experience

ZeroZone intuited
and non-violently
not ultra violetly re-communicating
economic green co-investments
and political win/win empowering
healthy wealth, resiliently abundant
polypathic potential
for future/from past
love’s green/blue reweaving

ZeroZone nothingness
of denatured
statically disconnected win/lose dogma
of capitalistic righthand dominant fundamentalism
of deductive reasoning

As if such empty rightbrain inductive denialism,
such win/win ecosystemic Trust depression,
such ecofeminist oppression,
such matriarchal polytheistic repression,
and, even more overinvested,
such StraightWhite Capitalist
depleting wealth impressions

Would not also suppress healthy re-ligioning
multiculturally empty face
imprisoned by fear of ecofeminist grace,

Abandoned to demonic anger
of red-blooded patriotic SWMale
clubs idolatrously worshiping
predative AnthroSupremacism

Open only to those
Chosen by dogmatic unchanging orthodox DivineWords
spoken to blind Transcendent SpiritWin/NatureLose
NonDualistic Full-Angelic or Empty-Demonic
Gospel Heaven or HellFired Earth Disciples,
almost hopelessly leftbrain patriarchal
monotheistically straight
and monoculturally White

Reverence in the Name
of commodifying sanctifying values
redeeming colonizing competitive global missions
instead of creolizing sacraments
polyculturally green resonant
win/win communicating

Earth history reveals nothing less logical
or necessarily more romantic
about rightbrain NonZero Zone’s
both/and dipolar co-arising Logos
interdependent ecological mythos
revolving 4D cosmological GoldenRules
integral anima-enspirited

reweaving consciousness
full multicultural EarthMatriotic
breathed in and out
winded up and down
nature-green landed
spirit-blue watered

Anxious about packed
and fracked,
and yellowed
formerly fertile MotherLands

Still fragilely supporting
Nothingness in spirited spaces
breathed places
windswept re-connecting
re-ligious integrity experience
enlightening co-passionate re-lateralships.


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