Time’s Unfolding Research

Between First Cause and Final Effect
swells and ebbs Time’s echoing life
regenerating across mountainous valleys
from Alpha evolving Omega,
Yang redeeming Yin’s reiterating double-bound investment,
in NOW,
Present pilgrimage from winter’s metamorphic hibernation,
to Fall regenetic seeds of Time’s harvest
restarting to unfold again
from Omega back to Alpha,
coincidental cause,
infinite potential effectiveness
riding our shadow horse of shared time
cooperating spacial place,
Earth’s eco-logical
environ-mental healthy pace
of synergetic revolution.

God may not grow omnipotent throughout life’s span,
yet evolve loving wisdom’s omnipresent time.
Diastatic life explains everpresent Time,
original intended effects,
logos resonant resolutions
of DNA’s contending recreative query.


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