Butt Kick Medicine

Need is a kick in the head,
then the butt.
Yang/Yin dissonance is fearful afterflow,
inviting undertow I would avoid
until becoming a crashing cart
with runaway in-your-face! horsepower.

What is a dialectical step into time,
cooperatively Left producing need
with Right conscience-ness
of how much, compared to Other,
and when
and why
memory footprints on the beach of time,
some more resonant and resolved before erasing,
surf re-merges,
transition trends
with some left unabsorbed
before washing into history’s permacultural flow
of confluent wild ecoconscious Presence

Time bilaterally co-gravity surfs
sands of positive place with double-negative lace
resolving comprehensive consciousness
that need to avoid or attach,
without wanting first to co-empathically become,
is a reincarnating kick
in the bicameral mindbody.

Footprints in these transitioning sands of new time
regenerate decomposing memory
within nature’s wild chaos of flowing
co-arising rhyme.


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