The Eighth Principle

rather than segregate.

rather than too much Yang dominance.

At least in the worlds of Permaculture Design
and Systems Theory
and Democratic Political Theory,
Polycultural outcomes
are healthier
and thereby wealthier,
than monoculturing economic and political,
and social and cultural
and any system-balancing

Monocultural objectives
in an overripe infestation time
can produce rabidly aggressive polarities
overpowering and devouring prey,
sources of nutrition and energy and fuel,
to a tipping point beyond regenerative replacement.
Sated monocultural predator overpopulations
on climatic edge
of hunger and thirst
for former neighbors,
now heading toward decline,
extinguished by supremacist WinLose Players,
acting like cats
living on a continent of catnip,
constipated and out of nutritional balance,
just as catnip energy is at point of crisis.

Cats facing decline,
gradually wondering if they will have to end
by preying on each others’ young,
or escape this over-catted
monoculturing WinLose monopoly game
to catnip bloated dominant patterns
learned from catnip-hungry teachers
and mentors,
parents and siblings.

So, whether cat or human,
designing and learning to cooperatively integrate
our integration objectives
is not just better
but healthier
and thereby wealthier,
more democratically effective,
more economically nutritional,
and more ego/eco-bilateral balancing
than segregating ego-centric
monoculturing trends
toward dissonance and despair.

To paraphrase David Holmgren,
regarding human waste and effects of polluting Earth,
“Declining [health] energy availability
will shift the general [ecopolitical-psychological] perception
of these [cooperative symbiotic relationship] concepts
from romantic idealism
[RightBrain marginalization]
to practical necessity.”
Yang-Yin Brain cooperative symbiotic relationship].

When we recall
we are an inherently ecopolitical species,
cooperative integrity unveils a primal practiced necessity
of Mother Earth’s gift-it-forward (0)-sum nutritional economy.
Then gratitude and grace
become as accessible to atheists,
and Bodhisattva Warriors,
and CoMessiahs,
to peace martyrs and justice prophets
as to any newborn on Earth,
learning embryonic embrace of matriarchal root systems,
womb through tomb lifetime co-investments
open to Earth’s regenerative gifts
of health as wealthiest nurture
of polycultural development,
healthier than segregating supremacist degeneration,
climate pathological objectives,
nihilistic WinLose planning
as if economic wealth optimization
could be rooted in segregated capital vaults
not investing in mutual Earth-Gratitude Integrity.

Interdependently integrate all positive nutritional trends
rather than merely segregate your negative ecopolitical predations,
victimizations and criminalizations,
from whom we truly have become,
for now.

Adopt active cooperativity
rather than adapt to fear and anger tolerance
much less mongering.
Both integration and segregation are mutually contagious.
One feeds love,
the other bleeds despair.


Original Intent of PostRevolutionary Constitutions

The ugly head of the Original Intent issue
co-arises with what were our ForeFather Patriarchal Patriots
thinking and feeling to leave out prohibitions against antiChristian degeneracy,
and to put in permissions for antiChristian degeneracy.

That’s not right.
We could not have inherited EnlightenmentEra Democracy’s Constitutional Law to intentionally include permissions for antiChristian degeneracy.

What about slavery and addiction and sexual impurities and perversions and abortion and prostitution?

Well, they weren’t necessarily understood as antiChristian degeneracy at the time,
although not necessarily proChristian regeneracy either.
These were personal and family issues, primarily among the proletariat, preferably.
NonElite domestics and small farmer-gardeners, hardy outdoors men, and their faithful wife-matriarchs of quiet integral embryonic Wisdom Councils over the back fence
about what the crazy Old White Men of theirs were up to now
with their post-revolutionary enlightenment
full-of-their cooperatively invested ecopolitically regenerative-positive selves;
making USA Beloved SacredCommunity babies.

Here we stand once again in the Supreme Court of US History,
to reconsider our Holy Constitutional Scripture’s Original Intent.

Once again
we will not be surprised that Fundamentalist Conservatives
will read the voice of the Strict Stern Patriarchal WinLose
LeftBrain Dominant EgoIdentified Capitalist,
while Radical Progressives read the Original voice of Lady Liberty
and all her post-revolutionary unwashed proletariat
nonWhite poor refugees from alien threats
to domestic health and safety
are our Uniting States opportunity to integrate regenerative treats
for both domestic and global health and safety.

Original Intent view of Constitutional Law
depends on whether you stop at the RedState LeftBrain competitively dominant lens,
or move one step deeper
into Blue/Red BiCameral NotNot RightBrain
cooperating your bifocal health/wealth maturation.

Those words, “Fundamentalist-Red” and “Radical-Blue”/Green Aqua UltraViolet Crystal-Fractal Octave (0) dipolar coarising echo-strings of history’s matriarchal ecofeminist Original Intent Herstory/UnderStory
of GaiaEarth nature-spirit nondualisms
Left/Right DiPolar CoProductive
Secular/SacredElder ReGenerativity
Patriarchal Strength /Matriarchal Flow
Ego/Eco dominant/colonized-commodified…

FundamentalistLeft Dominant and RadicalRight Repressed,
are ecologically complex,
dense with polypathic dipolar co-arising health-wealth integrity,
and nutritious Original Intent Opportunity for Mutually Assured WinWin Thrival
or WinLose Assured Destruction.

Original Constitutional Ecological Intent of ReGenerative Health,
USA, as cooperatively elsewhere,
for mutual well-being,
post-revolutionary constituted regenerative health-cooperative progress
toward global-interdependent wealth safety, contentment.

Radical PositivePositive WinWin-Only Yang-Matriarchal/Patriarchal EquiValence,
where Yang is US ConservativeRed Patriotic Original Intent,
with Yin’s Progressing Blue/Green climate integrating,
decomposing of ecological gaps and fissions in-between Patriarchal EitherOr Original Intent,
appositional space of silence and absence of therapeutic purpose within our Original not-quite-Holistic-Constitutional EcoPolitical Intent.

How could it be more LeftBrain health and safety Original Intent
to speak primarily to fellow WinWin cooperative Fundamentalist Conservative
CoInvestors in Continental Fertility and Longevity
and to Radical Libertarian Early EcoFeminist EarthEnlightenment nondualists,
reweaving natural and spiritual ecologically healthy nurturing dynamics,
suspiciously and strangely fascinated,
in this PostRevolutionary Enlightenment Moment of Planning and Designing Constitutionally Democratic-Organic Law
with and of and for new hybrid multiculturalism of SocialSecular-Moral Contract Faith
in cooperativity of ego/ecopolitical, nature-ElderSacred, evolution
over egocentric too-Yang overshoot not-sustainable continuing pre-revolutionary antipathic feelings of elitist-entitlement mistrust,
but here-in Western WhiteMale Patriarchal Christians as gun-rights citizens,
while all else were Originally Intended to cooperate with their Constitutional CoOperating Intent, without rights to vote
or have guns, for that matter.

Who wrote the U.S. Constitution
and who wrote the Bible?
When and why?
Who was the author(s) primary enforce-and-regenerate audience,
also with health and safety Original Intent,
and not-so-much degenerative-pre-revolutionary colonized
and owned
and commodified
and abused and neglected by aristocratic bourgeois royalist plutocratic WinLose LeftBrain Dominating Natural-Moral Law Original Intent.

What is the Constitutional post-revolutionary problem
and/or opportunity
that multiculturally and bicamerally motivated
this particular Humanely-Divinely Inspired Constitutional Scripture
at this time of both Exodus from Plutocratic-Elitist-Supremacist-Patriarchal Rule
and ReGenesis toward PostRevolutionary Enlightenment?
Economic Cooperative Health as also Politically Enlightened Interdependent Wealth,
hybrid historical-cultural Original Intent Frame
of and for ReGenerative Constitutional Health/Wealth Intent.

What is primal Original Intent purpose of any sustainable ecopolitical languaged and self-conscious memory system,
HumaneDeductive LanguagedLeft
equivalent with DivineSacred Ecological-Yintegrity
PolyPathic Trust/Distrust Right,

West = East(East) nondual double-bind notnot
BiLateral BeLoved Vertical/Horizontal
spiraling octaves of full-chromatic
healthy deep matriarchal EcoBiLateral WellBecoming.


To CareGivers and Receivers

I hope we all at least aspire to become adept caregivers and receivers,
as these two directions seem to be nondualist,
mutually symbiotic;
to give care is neither better nor worse than to receive,
as optimal healthy care giving is also receiving–
these interactions mutually feed and enrich each other.
We call this healthy and growing love.

The best care giving comes out of love and nurturance,
not merely the exterior forms of ego discipline,
the ego-control of negative emotions and thoughts.
Love sublimates negativity,
often with humor at our own ecoconsciously mindful deep learning expense,
looking even deeper at this relationship in this time,
and learning to share this Basic Attendance
in a nondual spirit of co-mentorship.

Put another more therapeutic way,
health care professional training has invested in attorneys
and insurance bottom-line profit-seeking,
risk-management corporations,
to articulate how to defend oneself,
one’s practice,
one’s relationships,
from inappropriate touch and language and aggressive behavior.

This is not a bad thing in our WinLose ecopolitical economy,
but it is the less compelling side of our WinWin opportunity-optimization potential
for both caregiving and receiving
which is all about how to therapeutically touch and speak
and derive maturing empathic consciousness.

Both strict conservatives and progress-nurturers can agree
that our GoldenRule caregiving-receiving journey
within this health v pathology Earth climate,
through both internal and external landscapes of ecotherapeutic touch and language,
is how we further evolve together
toward optimizing WinWin health,
regenerative caregiving-receiving,
communicating with hands and feet and mouth from within mutually cooperative empathic trust.

As this conversion occurs and re-occurs and concurs,
then life becomes all about WinWin optimizing appropriate touch.
Too long enduring issues of WinLose inappropriate touch
become artifacts of a prior benighted millennium,
a former age and stage and life,
our progress-conserving regenerate Elders would not wish stuck upon us
or our great-grandchildren of all Earth’s species.


Matriarchal Trinity

It was a Greek sacred trinity
of arete as Western Yang
with Eastern sophrosyne
flowing wisdom’s futuring past Yin
double-bound in opulently fertile health
as harmonic balancing nature-spirits
co-arising kalokagathia Tipping Points,
our Western PreRenaissance of (0)-soul Taoism
nutrition v toxin, ecopolitically co-discerning ecological
health v pathology, AfroGreco-JudeoRoman ReGenerative Theory.

It was a sleek commercial invitation,
to further invest in yang-lust power fueled midnight royal blue cars
nurtured and caressed and driven
by brilliantly smart and beauty-inviting yin-matriarchal icons
repeating primal polytheisms’ dynamic polypathic beliefs
in future WinWin consumer-production ecopolitical balance,
yin seducing yang abundance,
imaginary anthrocentric reduction,
reified by LeftBrain dominant consumer economy development
as more important than reproducing RightBrain’s ecologically abundant
matriarchal production cooperatives,
flying on up past shadowed forest mountain peaks
to sail directly into Full Grandmother Moon’s nocturnally empathic wisdom.

It was uneven disciplining tensions,
Yang’s historic preoccupation with building ever bigger
ecopolitical Western-rooted AnthroCreation Stories
seducing Yin’s nutritionally wise nurturing
harmonically confluent fertile-symbiotic abundance.
Sophia as notnot equivalently struggling
with Yang’s Empirical Left/Right EcoLogical Balance,
enculturing healthy co-informing climates
enveloping ecotherapeutic politically cooperative investing landscapes
of arete-Left/ectoflowing-Right proportional yangyin-symbiotic
nature-spirit bicameral wisdom balance,
together forming sacred bodhisattva-ecomessianic trinities
of ecopolitical West/East appositional co-arising inclusion
appropriate to each WinWin EarthTribe-Gaming frame
of polypathic bilateral Left/Right as Yang/Yin
history of ecopolitical anthrocentric capital=home=Earthcentric consciousness.

Perhaps Mr. Nietzsche would not bicamerally mind a paraphrase,
We have arrestingly recreative
and sometimes wise imagination
in natural-spiritual Left/Right balancing order
not to ecopolitically perish
through further imbalanced,
unevenly competitive, dominant Left
rather than cooperatively Left/Right multicultural revolutions
of ecotherapeutic extending matriarchal family regenerative planning
for futures at least as healthy as wise LeftBrain heroic arete today.


Toward a PostFeminist History of Climate Health v Pathology

Sometimes, as individuals
and as a learning species,
we jump too quickly,
enthusiastically on empathic trust feelings of familiarity,
forgetting these may include both health with pathological tensions
residing within this intuitive moment,
this feeling of happiness toward potential true and good futures
yet I really do prefer to squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom-up,
more systematically.

like family,
and ethnic affiliations,
rarely leads to undiluted polypathic confluence,
nutritional flow of health into our shared truth as beauty futures;
something short of mindbody nirvana.

Our languaged history of cultural evolution
shows us that our paradigmatic models,
perform our exegetical functions as best they can
to understand as flawed-and-yet-sufficiently-functional
eisegetical theories.
Our competing exegetical models sometimes outlast their partially cast-aside as flawed eisegetical heuristic origins,
now set in exegeting tools of language
for building our past through future enculturing story,
in imagination,
in thought as trust-belief,
in empathic feelings of proportion and symmetry,
as active heuristic ecopolitical assumptions,
rooted in ecological RNA/DNA scripted Elders’ familiar models,
embryonic healthy-regeneration fold/unfold gestalts.

History models,
creation narratives,
classic, familiar, exegeted and retold tales
tell an evolving and/or devolving regeneration story.
Theories bring language to ecological-analogically confluent v dissonant experience
of truth/beauty as mind/body,
eco-norm/poli-power partial truth as flawed beauty
of thought with concomitant feelings,
co-arising and nondual,
dipolar cultural functions
of Yang LeftBrain languaged,
and Yin RightBrain temporal-proportional wu wei balance;
Tipping EcoPolitical Points within BiCameral Systems Theory,
mutually mentoring internal symbiotic dialogue
about exegetical power trusts
and eisegetical empathic beauties,
like seeds learning to become deep ecology rooted and branching systems
for shading over-heated climates
and breathing over-carboned air.

Economic mental value-health as physical political incarnation power
presents a post-feminist nondual ecological enculturation  as investment model
of proportional truth,
exegetically RNA/DNA balanced
embryonic WinWin unfolding ecological within our wider bicameral lens
of eisegetical heuristic articulations,
discontinuous experience
with continuous flow of confluent identity memory
flowing in and through regenerations of blood-fueled time.

For me,
and I suspect for an entire Great Transitional Climate Health ReGeneration
revolving in our postmillennial spacetime,
flawed competing-for-survival models of cultural learning
as if natural BusinessAsUsual evolution,
interspersed with ectosymbiotic autonomic-enthymematic revolutions
of transformative ecosystemic cooperative network speculation,
will reverse,
evaporate within our ecologically cooperative network
WinWin Game-On
polypathic nurturing structures.

This suggests a healthier,
more balanced exegetical model of ecological evidence
supporting regeneratively evolutionary best practices
optimizing cooperative ecopolitical mindbody co-arising revolutions
will prevail as interior landscaped models
deeply rooting in cooperative-dominant exterior landscapes
speaking of shared EarthTribal interests
in consilient paradigmatic histories
remembering integral-dialectical synergetic biologically organic theories
of regenerative embryonic revolutions
with their subsequent slower-growth evolutions
as multicultural articulation
of RNA/DNA ecopolitical solidarity.


Good Earth Prophesies

Beware of those who would solicit your political or economic loyalty
by attributing to you
fear, anger, and/or hate motivations,
issues you presumably share.

potentially sustainable through multiple regenerations,
follows the lights and richer-hued darks of your positive motivations,
shared loves and hopes
and multiculturing beauties of healthier nutrition.

Shared pathologies breed merely mutual immunities.
CoMentoring, CoArising Loyalties
respond to shared empathic trusts,
roots of political and economic positive relationship,
rather than absence of relativity, integrity,
or even a decent sense of humor.

Encourage your parents to read this,
suggest thet kindly invite your more generously mindful loyalty,
rather than immunity of mutual-absence,
Business As Usual,
once again.

Expect your political parties
to remember parties evolve following invitations to share love,
not fear, not hate
and eventual pathological dismemberment,
financial marginalization,
and terrors of toxic monoculturing stews,
monopolistic supreme-designs.

Feed actively cooperating empathy,
to starve hyperactive competing fears
and angers
and hatreds reinforcing corporate/familial/tribal enculturing distrust.

Beware those who would use your fears
because they are not resourceful enough
to own and name and claim our co-empathic ecopolitical loves,
Earth’s optimally healthy-therapeutic wealth.

Beware of false Medicine Men.


Ecology of HappyTimes

Ecology of Time
explores resonant rings of sustained health vitality,
a red strong-willed loving heart
pumping Earth’s nutritional wealth
through our circulating and dynamic biosystems,
beautiful minds
with graceful dancing bodies
on pilgrimage through revolving memories
of time’s embryonic ecological balance,
and climatic dissonance,
Earth’s DNA-fueled human natured brain
entrusting Ego’s together recover love’s ecology,
recall incarnate health-life,
revolve cooperative evolutions of Ego’s Sacred Time.

Scientific discovery,
winnowing seeds of healthiest beauty as nutritious truth,
political commitment to cooperative,
and sometimes rather too competitive,
research into time’s primal orbit of healthy light,
warmly co-gravitating evolution’s becoming
EarthTribe’s RNA/DNA EcoLogic
of (0)-Centered ReGenerative Time
for more health assurance research and design,
empirical ecological methods
of interdependent deep learning networks,
conscience rediscovery.

Human eco-norms of DNA encultured time,
nature’s primal rainbow of waving
regenerating octave frequencies,
richly pregnant patterns,
rotating fractal-folding-unfolding liturgical rhythms,
light’s brightly warm transparent
through deadly cold ecology
of deductive nature’s devolving time.

Ecology speaks to balancing biosystems
as poly-tical-eco-norm gospel beauty muses
sing ever deeply into Time’s ReGenesis,
EcoLogos as Amen with Namaste.

Beauty and potentially nutritious beauty
create healthiest truth you might imagine
within each day’s relationships,
those surrounding you already,
family tiers leading out
toward nested clouds of friends,
acquaintances as co-operators,
both political and economic,
nearby birds and ant hills,
trees and flowers and tomatoes,
rivers of water,
organic gardens of Earth,
windscent of temperate air,
climate photosynthesis fueling revolutionary fire,
embryonic cold dark winters of discontented hibernation,
wet and sun drenched springs
of cooperative co-arising days and nights,
summers of diastatic climaxing Earth as EcoEgoMaturation,
autumnal decomposition toward (0) dualdark Absent Night,
ReGenesis of Earth’s sacred-integral Time,
all friendly voices of healthy logos resonance
surrounded by toxic pathos dissonance,
long-term suboptimizing EcoLogos fulfillment,
Ego’s potentiating HealthTime.

Tao’s (0)-soul EcoLogos
of BiLaterally Balanced PolyCultural Time,
writing primers for co-arising dancing languages
speaking bountiful truths of EarthTribe Love,
as what remains after removing dualdark Ego’s
attachments to angry memories
and aversions to futurefears
of death without bilaterally incarnate EcoLogos Time.


If BalancedTime is BetterMoney

Does your money derive from health-regenerative investments?

Well, what could that mean?

Do you make your money, honey,
with both light and dark co-arising memory
of midway love and peace intent,
avoiding anger-fear monoculturally competitive
dominant-power relationships,
and struggles against others,
against Earth,
choosing to struggle with cognitive-affective
chronic neural-temporal dissonance,
indicators of temporal-balance issues,
and opportunities for more polyculturally nutritious
ecosystemic polyculturing health-trend outcomes?

Is that your elevator speech, or Pledge of Allegiance to ReGenerative Health?

I thought it was a question that assumed
you don’t like elevator pitches
for more money being removed from your pocket,
whether asking or being asked,
don’t matter,
bad timing to invest in one elevator ride.

Try it again,
what is this regenerative health investment
you think we both have in mind and body?

Is your time and money invested
in this cooperative stream of Earth’s regenerate evolution,
co-arising revolution of transition crisis times
as ecoconscious bilateral,
and, by the way,
therefore evolving-emergent as bicameral-neural,
light of logos fractal-ecologic?

I most certainly hope not!!!
That sounds much too grand for EgoMe.

But, your most active stage of hope,
the one more important than all those that could possibly follow,
is now,
this moment,
is always the permaculturists nutritional Zero-Centric Zone of Ego/Eco
regenerative development and focus.

Before you in each relationship and transaction,
political and economic,
two primal principles of cooperative economic investment,
possibly of interest to philanthropic,
and religious,
and large-scale public economic/political health-culture research investors,
but most certainly of interest to EgoYou.

Such a sweeping scale of regenerativity.
Are you sure you can deliver such rich fertility
with my money?
Where are your outcomes of such vast healthy wealth?

You need not search this mindbody proposal
to see if I am community invested,
if time and life are money-valued commodities,
my money and health and regenerative potential
for sale or rent,
in exchange for what quality of money,
what source of present-health
absorbing dualdark angry-past pathology?

This proposal comes to you
through deep-nested communities
of co-investment.

What are your layers of cooperative political
and economic investment,
where lie these mutually-subsidiary networks?

My communities are interdependent communities
of rich paradigmatic intent and permacultural practice.

Are your health outcomes of potential interest
only to our human tribe,
or is there a cooperative DNA/RNA synergy
demonstrated in your proposal design,
and/or installation-investment plan?

Which cooperative investment communities appear
as higher risk potential divestors
due to internal monocuturally-dominant
program assumptions,
anthrocentric-normative trends?

Who do you propose will hope and plan to do business with you,
and how,
through mutual barter, competition, and/or cooperation?

Who do you hope and plan to invest in
and not invest in,
to achieve healthy helpful outcomes,
and how,
whether barter, competition, or cooperative absorption
into our Help Us Health Bank?

Your proposal outcomes,
for each moment and day and year,
like your own embryonic life,
should demonstrate early investors,
how you will optimize polyculturally inclusive outcomes
of equitable harmony,
especially if you are not beginning
with a clearly articulated
and balanced
polyculturally health-regenerative theory
root-systemic base
to compost rich fertile program development.

I will consider your proposals
each and every moment of each day and night
of mutual ecoconsciousness,
asking where does this proposal fit best
within our cooperative health-as-help portfolio
with other karmic potential investments at this time,
to consider in light of
prior and still ongoing cooperative polycultural-healthguild
and their comparative health/pathological outcomes
for future regeneration
of Earth’s healthy Time.

Please be sure any investment opportunities
explicitly measure future polycultural sensory-health
against current comparatively monocultural,
over-competitive economic and political status-quo,
not only within your Nature-Investment Program Outcomes
but also how nutritional results
will be winnowed and seed-selected,
decomposed to enrich
your own future regenerative Interior Landscape,
your health lives of love
with your original and ongoing cooperators,
yourselves in aligning/maligning relation with others.

Perfect, all here and accounted for.
So, how are you investing and divesting
as our
“Cooperative Help As Health Bank”
ecological economic and political health
permacultural proposal
within your own time as money investment portfolio?


Zen Logic of Time

I imagine the ecological sciences
as interior formal, and not so formal, systemic voices,
speaking of biological sciences
as exterior systemic function,
biology evolves what ecology resolves,

Ecology refines healthy regenerative biological reasons
for cooperative ecotherapeutic intent,
and development
of a therapeutic political and economic
propelling past toward future.

Each ego incarnation is a discontinuous biological string
of co-arising ego-centric constellations,
emerging toward ecology’s continuous interdependent celebration,
sacred transparent Bright of night’s full moon diastatic dream,
eco-weaving ecocentric Wisdom
of beloved EarthTribe’s perpetual eco-empathic network,
reading Time’s SelfAsOther implicating icons
of co-enculturing language.

Healthy self-perpetuating ecosystems,
including human bioegosystems,
are WinWin dominant
over WinLose,
and are also LoseLose co-recessive,
aversive especially to mutually aversive.

When I notice LoseLose trends in a relationship,
or transaction, I am likely to mention it.
See if others agree.
Then talk together
about what this implies
to reverse-face toward WinWin bio-ecology.

Mindbodies are biological
and therefore ecological
and therefore follow political and economic rules
of natural health v. pathological disorder,
an absence of order
that regenerates square-rooted
in RNA’s dipolar sensitivity
to light and dark
as warm polycultural cooperative WinWin trend
cold monocultural LoseLose
dia-empathic “death” trend
of aptic Absence of CoPresence.

Ecologic is
to genius,
as too wild mindbody is
to biologic discontinuity of ecoconsciousness.
Bicameral regenesis
is co-empathic prime function
balancing pregenesis of bilateral Time.

Ecologic midway genius
is exotic, erotic,
free of domesticating restraints of biology’s ego-incarnation,
primal Tao of Time’s TransParent CoElationship.

Culture is dynamic nature
emerging through RealTime.
All nature, including biological-bicameral human nature,
is ecologically syntaxed culture’s evolution
through revolutionary space
as time’s co-arising refolding egoleft OVER eco-right
cosmological consciousness of eco-bilateral time.

Bicameral ecoconsciousness grows in continuity
density and fertility,
resonant confluence,
with Left-Right mindbody
cooperative polypathic Golden Rule,
polynomial Golden Ratio,
polycultural Golden Elixir RNA/DNA harmonic co-relationship,
nutrient-strings of ReGenerative Health-Systemic InFormation.

We are co-empathic potentiated
biological-bicameral mindbody ecosystems,
learning to see our Leftbrain Ego
as discontinuous Eco-RNA/DNA dia-gestalt memories,
conjoined through holonic ecological systemic syntax,
cooperative political and economic norms
for regenerating rich, deep, dense ecological
and polycultural
revolutions of Time’s emergent midway primal memory string,
conjoining (0)riginal Intent
with Poly(0)MegaEnculturing HealthPraxis,
in revolutionary solidarity
as all RNA/DNA EarthTribes

Life and information prevail,
or time’s continued enculturation fails
and falls, elapses back into diastatic noise.

This difference between informing life
and noisy chaos,
is distinction between cultural context
and absence of relationally accessible temporal rhythm,
failure of spaciated pattern resolution,
just as the difference between bio-cultured life
and ecosystemically wild monocultural Absence
of bilateral-fractal-octave-temporal prime relationship balance
co-arises bilateral EcoBalance exterior landscapes,
with PostMillennial Ego/EcoConscious regenerating interior landscapes.

Possible binary-binomial dialect-balancing language
might include WinWin fractal gaming 4D cooperative networks,
reverse-tree structures
rooted in notice U-Fold
designed with C-UnFold DiPolar Balance,
developing A-ReFold BiCameral EcoSystemically Dialectic root-branch harmony,
co-arising G-PreFold Prime-Fractal threshold
toward ReGenerate:
U++ Convex temporal-neural-PolyNomial trend
equals (-,-) DiPolar Concave Not(NotPolyNomial) double-reverse balance trend
mythosed as YinYin and wu wei
Tipping EcoLogical RevolutionaryTransition Points
in and down and up, but always halfway out,
toward ZeroPresent universal co-empathic ecoconsciousness.

Ecological purposes of time
predict biological functions of emerging organic places

Or, maybe not enough time
to unfold all these ways of noticing time.


Were You There?

Were you there
when we nailed health culture
to the cross?

Weren’t you there?
I thought we were all there!
Wasn’t that our Big Bang of an Idea?

Let’s just forgive each other for all that angry history
of hurt and loss and painful suffering,
torture and lapses into extermination of subpopulations
based on quite a list of characteristics,
gender and sexuality, age, religion,
occupation, attire,
placement of domicile within v without walls
of acquisitive EgoAnthro-possession,
and on and on….
Then too we have all that slavery,
adding commodification to the domestication
of our value for healthy human mindbodies.

So, yes, the nail of Angry Cultural Climate
pierces Left’s deductive memory screaming past
irrationally unacceptable tolerance
of collective cognitive-affective dissonance
when we are invited into Easter’s new-life resonance
of regenerative health trends.

But, I also thought we were all there
in our more global RNA-centered Right Yin MindBody,
terrified of AnthroEgo’s biosystemic culture
of climatic transitions toward timeless demise.
How could YHWH continue to be Father
to Son’s Becoming
and yet let His beloved EgoSon die?

Did we misunderstand something about our shared
“child of YHWH” status?
Might we be our Father’s first RNA Creation Story,
told and retold through bicameral beating
and breathing
and noticing dipolarity of Time’s Him/Her Self-regeneratively
healthy evoluting climate?

I thought our primal crucifixion story
was our co-redeeming health and safety self-perpetuation narrative
of love as synergetic therapy
for angry history
and fear of future shortage of YHWH-Time CoPresent;
you know, the hellfire and brimey damnation scenarios
all the way through
“I never have enough quality time for myself” plot-lines,
long-reiterated cognitive-affective dissonance
and dismay and decay
and all negatively correlated
with healthy, regenerate YHWH-flow
of Time’s co-arising Positive trends
(notnot negative, and binomial/bilateral, equivalent),
eating and sleeping,
communing in generous nutritional climates.

So, how do we get to this true Easter cultural climate
without first getting ourselves down
off that Left-brain over-dominant cross?

I suppose this is where the Right-brain comes in,
concave and dipolar-temporal recessive tomb,
embracing Ego-purgation.
But, you know, I find it a whole lot easier
to trust it feels and is much safer,
perhaps even a bit relaxing and contenting,
to purge my lungs
when I know we have plenty of fresh nutrition,
healthy cultural climate
to breathe right back in again.

Left-Right bicameral ecoconscious Evolutionaries,
Permaculturist Bodhisattva Warriors,
EcoTherapists and Occupiers,
Medicine Care Optimizers and 7-Generation Sustainers,
PolyPathic Mystics of Revolutioning Peace,
New ZeroInterest Investors
and Lifestyle Mentors and Teachers,
Cooperative Networkers and Game Designers,
it’s PostMillennial Time
to design an Easter
cooperative economics
with polycultural politics
actively co-networking Communion!

We keep telling ourselves
this same creation Easter story
every year.
You can’t spring Easter season
of new cooperative healthy growth outcomes
without first investing
decompositional temporal-dialectic analysis time
in tomb of winter.
And, you can’t dwell within this purgative-embryonic tomb
as womb,
without first letting yourself down from all those angry crosses
and using them to devise
primal permacultural mapping strategies
for WinWin health and equity outcomes
this climatic summer of Time’s DiPolar Diastasis.