Sabbath Playgrounds

Sunday afternoons,
or Saturday afternoons,
look and feel richer,
dense relational liturgy of mundane ritual,
often more sabbath quiet.

Quiet neighborhood school playground
celebrates more solitary visits
seeking co-sensory quiet selftalk,
muse swings back and forth,
happy slides up elational,
then downright ecstatic.

Sunday’s GratitudeGoRound
of a warm winter’s sun
pretexting Spring’s co-redemptive dance,
prancing across jungle gyms
of mythic pirate romance,
swinging Tarzans and Janes
flying rope to rope
bar to bar
beating outdoor kettle drums
of Sunday’s sacred playground joy.

This light we bring to sabbath,
Sunday’s sun absorbs full resolved through co-play,
a child again
in love’s sequestered Solar Systemic womb
giving happy birth to weeks
becoming strong,

diastatic BeLoved Queen Shabbat’s
weekly baptism in love’s regenerativity.


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