Emotional Intelligence

Glutted left-brain information media
actively hope to understand

Why does emotional intelligence
speak to egocentric concerns
of mortality and discomforting toxic defeat,
loss and difficult win/lose everyday choices
in a calming voice for unself-conscious contentment?

What is this ZeroSoul content of contentment
to feel we are right
sentient full beings
here co-present
within eternal now relationships of compassion
affiliating on this Earth
in our co-passioning interdependent webs
of health co-operative
wealthy co-investment

Without mortal loss,
Without unwanted walls between us
and them.

Why does emotional unintelligence
speak too loudly
of Earth-UnCentered constant concerns
of inhumane immortal overpowers
and toxic LoseHealth/LoseWealth
RightWing left-brain dominant choices
in cacophonous dissonant voices
claiming no rights to contentedly tolerate
only healthier multicultures
of win/win emotional intelligence?


The Positive Energy TeaBag

Impression is for now.
Trust is for the future.

ego-compressing precession,
is for breathing out ego-now and eco-here listening;
compassionate co-arising recession,
is for breathing in the future.

of a Yogi Positive Energy tea-bag
as read,
and preferably incarnated,
by Jonathon Wilcox,
breathing in impressions
breathing out democratic building trust.


Constitutional Rights and Wrongs

An attorney friend of mine once said,
We have two opposing views
of the hows and whys of law and time and natural evolution,
including natural law,
and including U.S. Constitutional Law.

One assumes both natural and spiritual nondual legal obligations
to invite and respond to the friends of our allies
as our potentially cooperative friends,
unless proven to be too contrary,
competitive WinLose.

This is the type of lawyer,
and parent,
and friend,
and fellow-resident of Earth,
democratically multicultural-is-positive voter,
I intend to become
with every breath both Yang-out deductive of Yin-inductive-concave,
with every heartbeat both Yang-flow out toward diastatic climax
and Yin reverse toward aptic-static
to begin again,
with every day and nightmare,
with ever week and month and year
of this,
our Positive PolyPathic Ground
and Air and Fire and Water of Becoming
CoRevolutionaries of Moral Secular/Sacred
ReGenerative EgoHealth/EcoWealth
Yang/Yin EcoPolitical Integrity

Then there are my more amusing, and sometimes terrifyingly unwell, BusinessAsUsual WinLose LeftBrain Dominant types
of lawyers
and parents
and voters,

The enemy of my friends
is probably also my competing ecopolitical enemy,
therefore I shall play
Mutually Assured LoseLose Condemning Belittling Bullying Destruction,
perhaps by aiming first at Islamic NationStates
owning oil and civil and climate unrest.

We shall assume WinLose normative legal ethics
and yet also RightBrain remembers this assumption’s ecological conclusion
is most nihilistically, merely secularly,
reductively, merely naturally,
to Lose sacred dignity of both life and death,
to become a merely entropic dissonant future
absence of health and safety regeneration.

Despite this understory of irritating belief-faith dissonance,
I choose LoseLose Mutual Destruction
perhaps because no one sufficiently mentored
what it could promise to continue cooperatively within our larger
WinWin Earth HealthAsWealth Herstoric Narrative
about how to act and speak and design and plan and game for
mutually cooperativizing
reproductive/decomposing moral-normative
PatriarchalYang EcoLogically Deductive
Diastatically Rational
enlightenment inspired
U.S. Constitutional (0)Riginal Ego/EcoBalancing EcoPolitical
ReGenerative Yang/DeGenerative YinSquared Inductive (0)-OverSoul,
neural-fractal flowtrend correlational-appositional co-arising,
Earth-ReGenerative HealthWealth,
natural and spiritual
and legal and moral and normative
and biological and ecological and ecosystemic
and imperatively
Taoist SpaceTime EarthRights-and-Wrongs Intent.

My Legal Counselor said,
Mother Earth is my healthiest and most nutritiously balanced
most functionally organic-cooperative
LegalAid EcoFeminist Doctor of Natural/Moral Constitutional ReGenerative Law
and Executive Orders,
about friends of friends as friends WinWin assumptions,
he himself both naturally and spiritually
emerged from,
and of,
and for,
and with,
and toward.

I so wish he had run for CoOperative President
of Mutually ReAssuring ReGenerative Health and ReProducing WinWin Safety,
committed to enforcing a Constitutional Law
most nutritiously and organically rooted in WinWin-only choice-making,
assuming friends of friends are friends,
rather than more of the same old
I’m Not Listening!
because I can’t stop talking about my FearMongering ParanoidEgo SelfIdentity,
so I’m issuing this memo from
ME: CEO of These United WinLose Corporations
TO: All bicamerally functional WinWin Civil Servants,
constitutionally self-identifying your LeftEgo/RightEco consciousness
for optimizing health and safety cooperative investment futures:

Always assume the enemies of all our allies,
(and I might be SuperPatriotically sure that our
‘Allies’ probably are quickly becoming a set of None, Zero,…
I’m feeling really conflicted about WinLose economics v politics
within our NATO strategy–
more logical to go WinLose separatist-fascist)…
As I was LeftBrain saying,
Always assume WinLose strategic competition is best for health and safety outcomes,
rather than continuing with the Constitutional
Evolutionary Historical Evidence
supporting a more organic Network of InterDependent CoOperation
toward One HealthySacred Body of ReGenerativity,
and away from DeGenerate Supremacies of State
WinLose Disempowerment of Liberty for All.

I suspect those more WinLeft BothAnding WinRight optimized
toward Ego/Eco Balancing patriotic civil service,
not uncivil disservice,
will have constitutional issues
with how such WinLose Assumptions of Mutual Destruction
resonates with US Constitutions
of Original WinWin EcoPolitical CoOperative Intent,
that friends of friends are also WinWin assuming and inviting friends
in NonDualist Enlightenment,
both West and East Philosophical
about ThermoDynamics of EcoPolitical YangConserving/YinProgressing
Nurturing-Integrity of Health and Safety Global thru Universal Intent.

May BioSystemic-ReGenerative EarthHearts forgive my friend,
the WinWin EcoTherapeutic Attorney
and Parent
and Voter as Breather and BiCameral Heart-Beater,
for not having spoken
as resonantly as he positive-health polypathically practiced
reproduced these thoughts with feelings of co-empathic well-being.

Are we here to help each other toward more cooperatively healthy-regenerative lives?
Or do we still WinLose compete to persuade each other of why we cannot all WinWin together,
which is why we originally came to each other
to figure out how to do.

Will you only tell me why I EitherOr can’t;
or also add why we BothAnd could regenerate Earth’s Constitutional Beloved Community future?


Please UnCorrect Me

Please correct me if I do not accurately speak for you,
I would not misrepresent your fellow readers
and writers and breathers
and heart-beaters,
but I believe outcomes,
goals we most want
our local and national and international political networks
to actually achieve,
further develop,
move toward a more optimally nutritional economy,
a multicultural co-arising creation story,
both beginning and ending with each day through dreaming night,
and yet continuing throughout each multigenerational lifetime of light,
success stories of health abundance,
more heaven-building,
less hell-raising competition and strife and suffering.

Does it follow that an optimally performing economy
would most likely become the highest and best use product
of a more cooperative political system?
where Both-And dialectic gratitude
isn’t merely lip service prayers of blessing
the hands and minds preparing this feast,
a brief counter-cultural respite
before returning to politics
brought to us by Business As Usual
not-really-news entertainment networks
thriving on Either-Or evolutionary plot-lines
Win for White Hats
is Lose for myopic
yet nakedly conniving political Bureaucrats
and other Black Hat powerful anger-and-fear-fundamental Terrorists.

If we want a cooperatively abundant family
and community
and WinWin national as international economy,
we best change our political story line
from bicameral dissipation
toward bilateral midway discernment
of healthy nutritional
BothTrue-AndHealthEnCulturing supplements,
like Vitamin D feeding rituals of congressional chaplains
begging for rain of grace enculturation,
organically multicultural cooperative economies,
politically developing healthy green plants,
and forests,
therapeutic systems,
nutritional networks,
economic minds
achieving most with least loss
as most politically cooperative gain
for already marginalized, non-elite bodies
electing to serve future empathic-trust generations
of all life systems
as we would best serve
our own ego’s more limited,
and limiting,

Which might therefore need to please be corrected
as I do not accurately speak with you,
my fellow readers and writers and breathers
and bicameral balancing heart beaters.


Sabbath Playgrounds

Sunday afternoons,
or Saturday afternoons,
look and feel richer,
dense relational liturgy of mundane ritual,
often more sabbath quiet.

Quiet neighborhood school playground
celebrates more solitary visits
seeking co-sensory quiet selftalk,
muse swings back and forth,
happy slides up elational,
then downright ecstatic.

Sunday’s GratitudeGoRound
of a warm winter’s sun
pretexting Spring’s co-redemptive dance,
prancing across jungle gyms
of mythic pirate romance,
swinging Tarzans and Janes
flying rope to rope
bar to bar
beating outdoor kettle drums
of Sunday’s sacred playground joy.

This light we bring to sabbath,
Sunday’s sun absorbs full resolved through co-play,
a child again
in love’s sequestered Solar Systemic womb
giving happy birth to weeks
becoming strong,

diastatic BeLoved Queen Shabbat’s
weekly baptism in love’s regenerativity.


Earth’s EcoZen Garden

I notice Life unfolding each embryo of Time
sewing Earth’s naturally revolving liturgy,
Eco-Rites of Passage
through TransMillennial Time’s fertile transition field,
SuperEco Earthly universe our Garden-Commons home,
shared cooperative space,
human nature’s enculturating language place.

Time unveils creative conscience as incarnating evolution,
Space covers metaphysical gravity valleys of co-temporal metaphor
premised on regeneratively patterned syntax,
analogy as rhapsody,
wealthy places as healthy self-optimizing spaces,
Grace Garden,
karmic Sanghakaya,
biological revolution of Climaxing co-prehension,
Universal Intelligence as Polynomial Information,
budding with Full-Yang power
in dipolar blissful marriage
with Time’s TransParent “dual-dark”
functional boundaries,
mutual subsidiarity of self-gravitating Yin-Yin Garden,
polyculture’s natural harmonics.

This bicameral human natured species
hunts Earth’s investments in Time,
mentoring Eco-Balanced SpaceTime optimization,
Yang/Yin climaxization,
our Polycultural Beloved Community,
love as life’s optimal polysystemic Eden-Garden.

Human nature’s DNA
evolves SpaceTime’s regenerative syntax character,
engaging fully HereSpace with NowTime,
EgoSpace emerging through (0)-Soul’s Core fault-line,
Eco/Bio Systemic Time.
Yang EgoDeduction with Yin Eco-normic Induction,
Inflation predicting Conflation,
Inhale previewing Exhale,
balances synergetic power with negentropic co-passion’s Garden,
gathering wisdom.

What rises must fall
What Left-Ego inflated before
will Eco conflate within its slow Right-tempered Time,
could reconnect comprehension with wonder,
might stabilize and sustain Earth’s Gethsemane Garden.

Gethsemane Gardens are messianic dying places,
conflating mass,
decompressing energy,
hibernating hypothermic advents
waiting for bicamerally balancing happier harvest
of cooperative,
co-passionate love stories,
sustained climax-contentment.

Perennial Polycultural Gardens sustain a balance with empty death,
as summer seasonally opposes winter.
Living this co-messianic vocation is less a religious pilgrimage
and more design and development
of our most nutritious Wealth Health Garden,
blending our familial polyculture-guilds,
watering our Earth Tribe’s permacultural vocation,
transforming our Gethsemane Garden
into Time’s ecotherapeutic Paradise.


Surfing Uglified Beauty

Our beauty is hidden in our words!
Rumi (M. Mafi, trans.)

Our content in contentment
hides within commitment toward integrity.

Our beauty is hidden in our words
said only toward ourselves.
Barometers of mental health
for how we are and are not feeling
like good mentors without external hypocrisy,
and sometimes not such good mentors.

Mentors with words redolent of harmonic peace,
or maybe sometimes too much non-violent peace,
passive aggressive surfing, searching back and forth,
or even violently imagining unworded diverse futures
of yourself,
those around you,
generalized economic and sociopathological
and therapeutic
States and Species of thrive or demise,
and planet Earth,
and our Universe,
sometimes a metaphysically closing system,
sometimes more beautifully opening
although with considerable stress
tipping points,
trimming tabs and shears,
adjusting balance, halves of ecologic,
within our internal voices of environ-mental health
and beauty.

Humaned nature adds economic
and cultural
and psychological freedom to evolve
kindness of mutual subsidiary intention,
an active love kind of peaceful mind.
Nature is only limited by absence
of regenerative orthopraxis,
caring and nurturing,
economically and politically powerful values.

Ecotherapeutic voices in our nights
and days of reconnecting consciousness
create our orthopraxis
of natural systemic design,
this song of synergy,
creative universal intelligence.

Cooperative kindness and competitive unkindness
are capacities coincident to all of nature,
a polar range from regeneration through decomposition,
from synergy through negentropy,

Kindness and love self-optimize as “Truth”
when we freely choose sufficiency of contentment,
with full will and ecojustice intent.

My words surf my beauty and hope and synergy,
in and out,
back and forth,
listening for my listening graceful bicameral heart
and comprehensive consciousness,
discovering contentment within my content,
form within my information,
ecobalancing function within my form,
fractal frequencies within our bioregenerative
self-optimizing function.

Surfing echo frequencies,
Earth’s words of microwaving grace.


I Wish I Were a Universal Wiener

“I wish I were a Universal Wiener,

that is what I’d truly like to Be,

cause if I were a Universal Zero,

then everyone would be in love in me.”


“No, Jerry, its Oscar Mayer wiener.

Think more Jewish, kosher;

not so much Universal.”

my Christian evangelical mother replies

in my eight-year old imagination.


I wish I had been born into a Unitarian-Universal Taoist home,

rather than all the stress of growing my own UU-Taoist shell

out of my Christian Evangelical root system.


When I was eight a Great Horned Owl flew to message me,

then die.

“Our time as One Tribe is not yet here,

as it could have been before you learned to speak

I am dying in your bicameral ears and mind

so you will always remember,

redemption evolves a Universally Unitive economy,

as deep ecology echoes holonic harmonies

between Cytosine and Uracil,

Yin before Yang,

Self-teleology within Other-physiology;

coincidental Universal Information

grows with Universal Intelligence Wisdom.”

said my Owl of Wisdom through my permaculturing dreams.


During my sixteenth year

of living in a not-so-gay silo of negatively deviant sexuality

within a monopolistic hetero-normative Christian Evangelical culture,

Laotse came to me,

speaking word of wisdom,

“be cooperatively content–

not-so competitively Christian-stressed.”

“Fame or one’s own self, which do you love most?”


What I would love most is to be born into a skin

that didn’t have to choose one over the other,

where I could have my cake and nutritiously well-eaten.


“One’s own self or material goods,

which has more value?”


OK, another false dichotomy here.

Since when am I not inclusive of material goods?

Good for what, I would so much like to know.


“Loss of self or possession of goods,

which is the greater evil?”


Oh, I see,

a trick question.

The only logical way I could lose my Ego

if to perceive myself as a value that I own

as sole-proprietor,

like a self-produced GMO seed

that just magically appeared

within my mother’s otherwise virginal womb.


“Therefore: mutual subsidiarity produces most optimally,

while hoarding value evolves loss of economically sustainable balance.

Content contains no disproportionate disvalue;

Wu-Wei Wisdom knows when to stop with equipoised risks

sustaining optimal Yang Over Yin life-supporting systems.”


Oh yes, wu-wei,

Zeroism’s tipping point discernment of balance

systemic harmony in an audio-visually octaved polycultural world.


When I was 24 I began reading Buckminster Fuller’s

Universal Synergetics,

and was puzzled as to why the essential bi-polarity

of unitarian integrity

did not fill the shelves of his UU progeny.


“The principle of universal unitarianism,

or universal integrity, if you prefer,

states that the double-Yin primal binary

function embraces the vectoral,

explosive power of Universal form.

Convex Universal Form unfolds time moving forward,

as concave synergetic function folds time into

DNA/RNA fractally-organized

bicamerally processed

human permaculturating Memory and Language.”


Buckminster Fuller’s pre-UU teleological balance

encourages us to hold Universal sensory perspective

of a convexly contouring Yang-Justice Economic evolution

and our Unitarian integrative functional consciousness

of our concavely functional double-Yin Elder Right hemisphere

as double-elliptical

and double-knotted

and double-negatived

Deep Ecological Therapy,

DNA/RNA fractal structure.


When each side of this YangEgoJusticeLeft

and YinEcoTherapy Right equation

remains optimally balanced and normative,

harmonically ringing and resonant

redolent resolution of full-color UU octaves,

of nature-spirit dipolar optimal well-being systems

for information receiving

and for information processing,

using DNA biometric fractal-function

as cognitive confluence

or network filter for cognitive and affective dissonance,

dismay and irrationality,

lack of comprehensive comprehension

and compassion,

for all of us,

in this universe

unitarianally grazing and fertilizing

our shared DNA/RNA EarthTribe Commons.


The Tao is a human bicameral view of UU Time.

We are each a ReGenesis Cooperative Project,

a season of time,

singing and dancing,

thinking and angsting,

hoping and despairing,

within a sea of regenerating time,

in which Left dominant proposes information as received from Universe,

and Right double-Yin,

Win-Win Game Theory Logistics and Statistics and Logic and Ecologic,

dispossessed as merely Elder Brain’s RNA Prime Relationship intuition,

struggles with Left deductive

to reconnect Right inductive polycultural wisdom

of re-natured spirited

dynamically dimensional

fractally dia-octaved round Zeros

of primal composting mental health value.


“What must be remembered in considering all the foregoing

is that unity is plural

and at minimum two”

and here Bucky predicts the implied dualism

shared by both Taoism and UU,

where Universalism is YangExterior Left hemisphere,

and Unitarian dipolar synergy is WinWin Interior Right normative,

and absence of balance between these two bicameral hemispheres,

causes lack of justice, peace,

cognitive dissonance and dismay,

chaos and decay,

still finding their way toward polycultural balance

of Beloved Climax Community

a diastatic event of endosymbiotic evolution

that Bucky predicted would cascade toward global comprehension,

an ectosymbiotic revolution of polyculturally sustainable abundance,

both ecological and economic.


In my 64th year,

I reconnected with Bucky’s now Transmillennial Transition

into a new Group Theory,

with Gregori Perelman having mathematically proven

our Universal (0) smooth-structured EcoSoul

emerges as the fractal root of each RNA-decoding EgoCell,

where Yang Positive space tri-dimensionally emerges

from Yin Negative bilinear unfolding string of UU PrimalTime,

rhythm and pattern,

heartbeat and bicameral breath,

surfing seasons,

folding out Left’s Western Universal Yang,

folding in Right’s Eastern EcoUnitarian Yin.


Looking back over my redemptive ReGenesis Project,

I step into Fuller’s comprehension of deep ecology

as optimizing with a co-redemptive economic intent

and practice,

our Golden Rule includes our Ego holonically within each Eco-Other,

treating Earth and Self as

coincidental time mutually embracing our just race together.


“I’m glad I am a Universal Winner,

this is truly what I know to be,

cause as we grow a Unitarian Justice,

everyone will know this love with We.”









Contenting Tree of Life

Futility of Contention
absorbs into Utility of Contentment.

To preserve wholeness, mutually accommodate;
yielding preserves whole.
To become straight, you must begin bent;
bent potentiates straight.
To become filled, its best to begin hollow;
hollow optimizes full.
To become renewed, notice your tattered being,
dissonance resolves toward renewed confluence.
To become possessive, notice what you want,
possessions double-bind prehension.
To become confused, notice your exhaustive riches,
hoarders grow confused, dis-eased.

Therefore the Sage embraces the One Positive Polynomial;
Midway PositivelyNegative Zero,
And becomes the polyculturing model of the world.
She does not reveal herself,
And he is therefore luminous.
She does not justify herself,
And he is therefore far-famed.
She does not boast of herself,
And therefore people give him credit.
She does not pride herself,
And is therefore the chief among bicamerally balancing men.

It is because we do not compete
That no one in the world can discontent,
un-cooperate us.

Yin yield preserves Yang wholeness health.

We might most abundantly,
comprehend Yang as optimizing ergodic community economic developer,
of structure-forms-plans-strategies-logistics-logic,
while also prehending Yin as revolutionarily ionic communication’s functional designer,
implicating regeneration through intuitive comprehension,
of each moment’s,
each Life’s,
each paradigm’s,
each revolution’s dually-manifest destiny.

Primal original intent of ionic-ergodic function
to sustain Prime Relationship balance:
of Plan A with Plan B Harmony (B. Fuller),
Yang with Yin balance,
Polynomial with NotNotPolynomial Informating Eco-normics,
Brahman with WombWe, wu-wei, chi

It’s not so much that most of us have mental health issues,
its more like mental dis-ease is our issue;
primary functional concern.
Body decay and loss,
abuse and neglect,
are our more fundamentally optimal opportunity
to respond to formative issues,
human natured development.
Mental health is more of an aesthetic-intuitive,
symmetric and proportional,
design challenge
between SuperEco and independent Ego’s Self-IdEntity,
while body health is our coincidental peace with justice challenge,
content development.

We are improved well-being prospects
comprehending ourselves,
listeners to dissonance between Ego’s Left hemisphere
and our SuperEco right-brained
full color
full scale octaves,
fractal frequencies and functions,
both metaphysical-metasystemic polynomial-polypathic within,
and physical polycultural SuperEco Universe without.

We could do better
were we to understand “permaculture” paradigm,
not only as an organic frame for designing,
but also an inclusive development through harvest feedback process
to mutually develop polycultural environments
and polypathic regenerative redeemers
of natural health systems
with Manifest Dual-Destiny.

STEM Notes:

This piece builds out from a paraphrase of Laotse’s “Futility of Contention” (The Wisdom of Laotse, Lin Yutang, trans. 1948, Modern Library, pp. 134-5).

When we intuitively step into becoming-ness, evolutionary growth and developmental design stories of other beings engage our more mature comprehension. We are, on many logos-logic levels and branches, chi-structured Trees of Life inclusively shared by all of life’s RNA temporally-fractal cycling prime relationship frequencies.

We mutually incarnate one binomial informating network; nutrient roots with productive branches..

Our lungs produce and consume beating pumping heart’s teleological reason, natural circulating communication-neural design intention, just as our bicameral brains may be our lungs’ raison d’etre, decomposing and regenerating our left consuming and right reproduction of RNA life-coding systems, just as our reproductive organs’ raison d’etre may be to primally produce a well-functioning healthy chi-body; a spirit-natured balancing system explored through a Permaculture Design and Development  and Harvest and ReSeeding, ReDeeming, holistic perspective.

Polymorphic living organic polycultural system science of permaculture design and development is reflected in the very structure and rhythm and flows of our incarnating RNA-rooted language of iconic forms and symbolic functions.

Ergodic development, ionic balance of energy, is also bionically fractal and follows polypathic (metasystemic) information Bayesian trends of polynomial-rational algo-rhythmic octaved strings, positive and negative coincidenting corollaries of naturally binomial and bicameral information.



Optimizing Family Life

Yes, it’s all about love,

and a highly proactive form of peace,

about both what’s fair,

and what’s also kind,

both long-term,

and right now.

It’s all about vocation,

and paying the bills,

and enjoying life as production

as well as healthy nutritional consumption.

Most certainly all of those things.


But, organic farmers and permaculture designers,

master gardeners and cooperative developers,

ministers and healers and therapists of all types,

from physical through mental through systemic information network designers,

might use some different language

to define this love and active peace with justice, fairness, kindness,

well-being optimization.


A metasystemically therapeutic,



diastolically emergent,


nutritionally optimizing individual,



and/or EarthTribe,

grows economic mutually mentoring redeemers,

human natural ecologist cooperatives;

a permacultural/polycultural balancing

harmonic Beloved Community.


Note to fellow Fullerites:

Buckminster Fuller believed

synergy is the positive energy of ALL natural systems

as love is positive energy of human natural systems,

and, therefore,

these two words,

love and synergy,

are synonyms,

and ecologically analogous

within and between all systems.

Between-system transactions

are the functional roots of permacultural economics.