Yin Speaks Yang

I was reading Lakoff’s story
of what he learned at Berkeley
about international relations,
when I found my RightBrain offering further nuance;
not to deny what is here,
but to add what is also here,
but not explicitly stated,
about regenerative ecopolitical health and safety.

“The ‘rational’ approach to foreign policy was governed by a set of conceptual metaphors,
taken as simple common sense,
as metaphors [of and for regenerative v degenerative systemic processes] often are.
As a special case of An Institution
is a[n Organic-Holistic-Interdependent] Person,
there was A Nation is a[n Organic-Multiculturing] Person.”

“In addition,
a common metaphor for rationality is used,
Rationality is the Maximization of Self [as organic subsystemic part of MultiReGenerative Other]-Interest (or ‘utility’ [as health-wealth fertility]),
which entails that it is ‘irrational’ [and unhealthy] to act against one’s self-[intergenerational WinWin multicultural]interest[s].
These two metaphors are then combined to yield:
A [Healthy, Happy, Secure] Nation is a Rational [Organic TransReGenerational Polypathic] Actor[ess].”

“…we get as an entailment
the central thesis of the [organic] rational [trans-regenerational evolutionary] actor model
in international [interfamilial, intertribal, interspecies] relations:
Every [healthy] nation
acts [bicameral] rationally
to maximize its [health-wealth] military [Yang] strength [prosperity],
economic[-ecological hybrid] health [and happiness, with long-term defense of safety],
and political [cooperative polypathic] influence.”

on this conception,
is taken as
[discontinuous, deductive-only, reified, either-or] universal
and occurring at the [technology, tool, framing, modeling] level
of the
[organic, living,
matriarch nurturing,
bicamerally mature-evolving] state.”

I feel so eviscerated.

Get over it.
not either-or.
You still got all your parts,
just more integratively co-aligned.

Yes, ma’am!
Who got out of bed on the wrong side today?

Don’t even try it.

I’m going back to my “Political Mind” without you.

And, if possible, dangerous.

You really aren’t going to let me have the last word today are you?

I thought I was your last word,
your everything.


Wonder as Political Choice

or radical [polypathic, polycultural] amazement
is a prerequisite for an authentic [ecopolitical] awareness
of that which is;
[regenerative love-rooted v degenerative fear-rooted
decisions regarding democratically cooperative
health and security for all];

it [polypathic open-systemic (0)-sum Wonder]
refers not only to what we see
[and smell,
and taste,
and hear,
and feel,
and think,
and have positive-love and negative-fear attitudes about]
but also to the very act of seeing,
[bicameral mirror neural-empathicWonder/antipathicMisTrust]
as well as to our own selves
[wondrous and polypathically amazing bicameral nature-spirit biosystems]
that [both Right and LeftBrain bilaterally] see
and are amazed
at their [our co-mentoring multicultural] ability to see.”
[ever more confluent-flow, positive-cooperative ecopolitical Wonder.]
Abraham Heschel

If Yang is a political WinLose player,
He is also a LefBrain monoculturing actor,
going it alone
in part because of a mistrust of His (0)Riginally Intended Yin,
now cast as a repressed cooperative economic consumer
of Yang’s fear-rooted dominating messages,
plutocratically rabid choices for hoarding short-term Wins,
rather than cooperatively investing in democratically multiculturing us,
rooted in Yin’s dipolar co-arising co-empathic Left-Right
Prime (0) Relationship
of mutual balance and trust.

For example,
George Lakoff quotes a journalist
recalling a slap-down from a Republican White House staffer:

“The aide said that guys like me were ‘in what we call the [regenerative and degenerative health] reality-based community,’…
people who ‘believe that [ecologically systemic multiculturally resonant] solutions
emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.'”
[ego/ecoconscious Left-Right balancing-reiterating]

“‘That’s not the way the world
[my LeftBrain Dominant, so RightBrain Repressed, ego- and anthro-centric fear-rooted
disembodied nihilistic fundamentally egocentric experience
of a nationalistic ecopolitical world]
really works any more.
We’re an empire now
[plutocratic fear-based, with rabid monoculturing intent,
Yang uber-reified
LeftBrain spiraling out of control]
and when we act
we create our own reality.’
[Competitive WinLose BusinessAsUsual climate pathological trending]

‘And while you’re [Yintegratively cooperative-flowing] studying
that [Yang NegativeParanoid] reality–
judiciously [LeftYang-RightYin WinWin discernment],
as you will–
we’ll act again,
creating other new realities,
[of old climates of WinLose pathology]
which you can [Yintegratively-cooperatively] study too,
and that’s how things will [degeneratively] sort out.
We’re [LeftBrain dominant-supremacist] history’s [Yang] actors…
and you, all of you [Yintegrative polypathic regenerators],
will be left to study what we do.'”
[Without intending to ecologically-economically WinWin
invest in future generations,
as our (0)Riginal Intending cooperative incorporating Elders
regeneratively invested in our health and safety.]
George Lakoff, Political Mind, pp 40-1

or radical ecopolitical amazement
is a prerequisite for an authentic awareness
of those actions,
cooperative/competitive choices,
heath-wealth policies
and polyculturing procedures,
investments in our further WinWin
wondrous polypathic bicameral future.

EcoPolitical Actors
who would produce wondrous wisdom
and long-term fame,
rather than infamy,
are invited to listen to the muted voices of Earth’s future,
and to thereby become less fascinated with paranoid egocentric fears
of losing shallow wealth
devoid of healthy resonance;
less Left-Dominant
opens to more cooperatively Yintegral Right-Flow
of healthy climates,
radical awe,
Basic Attendance to Ego/EcoConsciousness,
(0) sum balance-centeredness.

“[T]he radical conservative political and economic agenda
is putting public [health] resources
and government [security] functions
into private [competitive WinLose] hands,
while eliminating the capacity of [coopratively owned, WinWin] government
to protect and empower the public [health and safety].

The public has no [active cooperative incorporating, incarnating] conceptual framework…
to comprehend what this [unnecessarily degenerative risk] means
[for ourselves and our future generation of all amazing species],

and with the stress of fear [packaged, marketed, and sold
in a WinLose capitalist-militarist economy]
and worry and overwork
[and denial
and vicarious WinLose evolutionary narrative entertainments,
monopolies of imaginative powers]
the public has little capacity to notice
and to [cooperatively] create
the substantial neural structures needed
to [polypathically ego/eco-consciously] comprehend
what is [fear-rooted] happening
in hundreds of [love-motivated] areas
of [wonder and awe-intended] life.”
George Lakoff, p. 42

or radical [poly-empathic] amazement
is a[n ecological] prerequisite
for an authentic [ecopolitical] awareness.


Cooperative Capital Investment

If you want to not only defend and secure your mental health and happiness,
but also optimize their positive capital flow-power;

If you can find sufficient motivation for one change,
and only one nature/spirit change,
then continue to assume your Right hand dominant mind
is might makes capital-invested ego-happiness right,
work on equivalently presuming Left hand Yintegral sacred ecosystemic mind
is also right flows eco-healthy co-mentoring opportunities
for growing cooperatively incarnating abundance of healthy(R)happy-wealth(L).

These two, appositionally united,
rather than merely dissonant, chaotic, mis-communicating
between LeftBrain ego-dominant economic survivalism
and RightBrain eco-recessive politically organic regenerative health,
recreate embryonically-nurtured ego-force of eco-flow,
Yang/Yin ego-form of Earth-ecological-function,
mindbody forms with ecopolitically strong healthy functions,
LeftEgo/Right-DNA/RNA Solidarity
balancing biosystems
of past and for future timelessly self/other optimizing cooperative

On the other hand,
if conserving and defending your own regenerative health abundance
is of no interest,
then, never mind.
Keep on with the LeftBrain Business as Competitively Usual.
Just know that you are irrationally choosing to continue playing your economics and politics and mental health
using a pre-millennial WinLose misunderstood model of evolution
when you have available
a post-millennial WinWin ego/ecoconscious model
for continuing to defend and secure polypathic revolutions.

No pressure.
Your decision.
But you will never feel you have honestly,
with total investment integrity, decided one way or the other
until you choose WinLeftEgo/WinRight EcoPolitical CoOperative-Flow Balance.


US Negativity Worries Mom

If roses are red
then violets are blue.
If you were as dumb as me
you’d have voted for Trump too.

This election just past,
I never wanted to sin
but I’m so tired of LoseLose wars
when my climate needs Win to Win.

I needed to act
not just say what we say
a little co-operation
could re-landscape my entire day.

If hunters are red
our gatherers feel blue
’cause I was as dumb as the sea
voting for the ocean
as Earth’s TrumpDump for you.

I need to say sorry
to all who are not white male Plutocrats.
Sorry to gay and lesbian and hag,
feminist and cultural diversity
turns from riches to rags
now deemed unworthy to wave
red, white-only, and so-so blue flags.

I’m sorry for nations and nature
now stuck with us.
We’re now disuniting
when Earth needs to be health-cured
and more than our tired school bus
toward further learning how to compete unto death.

If roses are meat red
and violets are queer teen pregnant Marian blue,
I’m so so sorry
I let down angry red climate me
and our ultra-violet octave,
reweaving resonance too.

When roses are no longer me red
and violets are no longer you blue,
then we might transubstantiate,
we see better
as all flowering beauties do.

I should have known
the Party for health of business bottomless lines
would not make my health care,
or even economic security,
their bottom line;

Not health care for women and children,
all the children of the World,
red and yellow,
black and white,
they are not so precious in Trump’s sight.

I knew when I did it
my Jesus loving Mom never would have.
Republican by Christian Evangelical birth-rite,
she would not have voted for health care
of Publican and Pharisee bottom lines,
especially those insuring and financing further investments
in war-profiteering military-industrial-agribusiness complexly self-interested deposits,
which she defined as rackets and mayhem,
when she could find any other choice for her vote
more friendly to health care and security
of Jesus’ multiculturing kids.

If roses are red
and violets are blue
I would have listened to Mom’s Jesus Spirit,
instead of Dad’s Red-Paranoid 1950’s Terror and DiSpirit
regarding 1960’s LoseLose multiculturing condemnations
of Plutocratic White Gods of War
and sexual exploitation,
homophobia and fake, ecopolitically sold-out, Christianity
while Gaia was, and remains, clearly on the side of optimal health
and security
of women and children of all species,
and other polypathic ecological nutrition-lovers
of healthy kids,
red and yellow,
black and white,
roses and violets in Her sight.

If roses were red blue
and violets were blue red
how much easier it could be
to see inside each cooperatively intended head.


Struggling of and for Mental Health Climates

If I became a paranoid schizophrenic
I would begin channeling Jesus of Nazareth
but, instead, dealing with my real world dysfunctional family,
with co-messianically depressing delusions
refracting illusions of gift-it-forward co-redemptive grandeur
leading pilgrim explorations into remembering embryonic hopes
of and for regenerativity
as clearing out remaining cognitive-affective dissonance
about messiah life ecopolitical assignations,
climates and constitutions,
frames and dialects and double-binding spacetime boundaries
as notnot Bodhisattva ego-death
and Yang politics as equivalent fair-share trust co-arising Not(NotYin)
WinWin CoOperative NewFeminist Economics,
+/-,- X/Y U/C (0)/4-Prime dimensional RNA,
fertile fractal-fusing
metamorphic transubstantiating nature/spirit reiterations,
revolutions of ecoconscious light/health wave-bilateral linear
nondual co-arising dualdark climate pathologies of dissonant emptiness,
interior/exterior landscapes predicting timeless crucifying duststorms

Pausing briefly for full-octave rainbows of manic divine elational bliss
predicting further interior/exterior merging climate pathologies of paranoia
predicting appositionally sustainable mental health bliss as
wu wei Tipping Points in-between Yang struggling with Yin,
animus ecologic greeting namaste with beauty/truth sacred anima,
our narrow permaculturing way
with one multiparadigmatic
bicameral polypathic
deep learning Golden Rule EarthClimate Revolution,

interdependently evolving healthywealth enthymematic gate

Open to all us Positive Pronoiac Polypathic ReWeaving EcoPolitically Cooperative Psychologists,
Optimally Nutritional/Fertile Syncretic Communicators, Facilitators
EcoTherapists and Peace Negotiators,
PermaCultural Designers and Developers,
CoOperative Economic Political Health Policy Leaders and Candidates
with global healthywealthy climate issues foremost in our mindbodies.

Preferably neither too awfully paranoid
nor too-competitively schizophrenic disintegrative identities
discontinuously conjoining
these primal interior/exterior climate/culture emerging issues,
more co-messianically functioning as extended positive-nutritional families
for global climate health, outside and inside our own skin,
as Earth’s Multicultural ClimateHealth Interface.


Designer Cabinet

The apparent President-elect
and her closest advisers
gather to build a Cabinet
that might survive four years of dwindling hope.

Thanks so much for being here.
Let’s begin with a time of silence,
gathering our listening voices and thoughts,
hopes and therapeutic vision….

As this time ends,
I’m wondering if someone might help me understand
why we have a Department of Health and Human Services.
Does this “and” imply a mandate to provide health services to non-humans?
Or, maybe we provide non-healthy human services?
Why not just Department of Human Health Services?

Well, that would be confusing.
Social services,
like help for abused and neglected kids,
seems rather far afield from health services.
In fact, some of those programs are known to cause
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Maybe Healthy Human Services?
And, why is the Department of Education
not part of our Healthy Human Services Department?
What are the advantages and disadvantages
of keeping education separate from “services”?

I’m not sure how healthy our educational services are right now.
Some of our students don’t even feel safe at school,
much less happy and healthy.

Doesn’t that adversely influence learning outcomes?
Anyway, your mentioning safety reminds me
of the Defense Department.
If the Defense Department’s mission
is not to protect our health and safety
then I”m not sure what we are defending, exactly.

Maybe we should collapse Defense
into a new Department of Healthy and Safe Human Services.

Ballistics and safety don’t sound right together to me.

And what about proactive and preventative strategies,
aren’t these really more offensive
than defensive measures
to retain safe environments?

What about the Department of Healthy Human Security Services?

Seems like security
and defense
and preventive measures
to avoid ugly violence and aggression
are already in that word “healthy.”
It would be an oxymoron
to have a Department of Healthy Human Insecurity Services,
wouldn’t it?

Yes, that sounds more like my high school experience.

Especially those bathrooms
and lethally swarming corridors between classes.

Wouldn’t the same concerns apply to all the economic,
and urban and rural development services?

And the Environmental Protection Agency?
That sounds like another health agenda to me.

Not strictly human services, though.

How about a Department of Non-Pathological Development Services?

Do you think we could deliver as advertised?


Health Plan Upgrades

Imagine busy corporations
with political and economic healthy outcome missions,
like yourself maybe,
or perhaps your temple or church or favorite Earth Day nonprofit,
or your garden club or growing family,
as incarnate evolving Traditions
with EcoSystemically Struggling Cultures,
within individual Ego-identities,
but also expanding out into wider political-economic systems.

Each EcoSystemic Corporation
familiar with both cooperative health
and more dissonant pathologies,
struggling against anthro-elitist assumptions
not appropriate within Earth’s health care plan,
co-arising with cooperative contractual assumptions
shared by all DNA/RNA EarthTribe Residents
with polycultural dialects
and polypathic rhythms,
resonantly harmonic truth as beauty,
(0)-soul ReGeneration as PositiveSelf StoryTeller Corporations.

Imagine corporate incarnations more like flowers on
and in
and through
and of
and for a kosmic tree of healthy life and pathological death,
wishing we could up our cooperative grade
to healthy futures safety,
both political and economic,
as ecological balancing, of course.

Imagine Capital
as Time’s EarthCommons investment in cooperatively bicameral minds
with corporately co-operative organic bodies
unfolding these Creation Stories through the eternally nondual present moment
of ecoconscious bilateral,
not yet past and not yet future
measured as solar-fueled bilaterally coarising light.

Wealthiest capital cooperative heads
bicamerally echo with healthy mind cooperative investment practices,
intentions moving toward interdependent EarthTribe Corporately inter-nested,
mutually invested, network bodies
with cooperative economic as ecologically and ecosystemically regenerative
of evolution’s co-investment in healthy WinWin SpaceTime,
Origin of (0)sum RNA/DNA political and economic ReInvestment Capital.

Commodification of time’s health value
is a quantitative abstraction
culturally rooted in our regenerative health values
including ecologically cooperative economic bodies
with political-capital heads
WinWinning networks for polycultural health and safety
of UniversalEarth,
as Holonic IntegralOther,
as Holonic Self-regenerate therapeutic outcome designers
and planners
and co-mentors and lovers,
icons of ecotherapeutic health as cooperative polycultural wealth.