ToeNail FungUS

Injustices, victimization,
oppression and other yucky events
of diverse varieties,
are like toe nail fungus:
1. both alarming and embarrassing
2. who knows where it came from
3. we would appreciate it if it would return
from wherever to whatever,
as long as it’s away from me.

My kids taught me everything I never wanted to know
about the sufferings of injustice,
while my husband taught me everything I never wanted to know
about the inadequacies of my pathetic attempts at mercy.

“What happened to the chicken casserole
that was still cooling?!”

I used to believe this was a reasonable question
that I should rationally answer.

“Well, Ms. Fetal Alcohol Daughter
decided to eat it without using her hands,
because you told her not to touch anything.
That’s why her face looks like the remnants of baked chicken,
mashed potatoes,
and I believe the green stuff might be peas
from ear to ear and a spot on her forehead
and all over her chin,
although her hands remain surprisingly pristine.”

However, over the sometimes tumultuous years
of further victimization and mutual oppression,
I have learned to hear these questions,
about domestic and other political suffering and loss
loudly exclaiming injustice,
as rhetorical opportunities.

“As a kindness to you
I choose to pretend that was a rhetorical question.
Because we seldom really want to know
from whence comes toenail fungus,
or any other of the diverse angry adolescent behaviors
causing cosmic dissonance
and climatic behavioral disorders
as they are doing their best with defiant-compliance.”

I don’t know, it just feels kinder to say it,
and see self-neglect of wise choices,
this way.

Makes me feel a little more
like WildYeast absorbing nutritious toenail fungus.

1. Embarrassed and Terrified by my own failures to actively love healthy choices,
all the time,
with every co-fungus I meet.
in each moment of oppositionally defiant dialectical opportunity for redirection
through basic regenerative/degenerative, co-arising MidWay=TippingPoint=Yang/Yin wu-wei
reiterative dipolar attendance
to co-empathic bilateral balance.

2. Not really wanting to spend a lot of time thinking about my own climatic interior and exterior landscape history;
health-and-safety issues of self-and-other neglect.

3. Feeling like we already nondually co-arise in this permaculturally regenerative, health-revolving repurposing normative-natural value, merit, worth, dignity, honor, purpose, ecotherapy, coempathic ToeNail Fungus DeComposition, as we cogravitate back where EcoParasitic Elders were comin’ from:
your wealth evolves from where you ecologically invest your feet,
avoid infestation,
keep them movin’ across healthy soil
in clean water
breathin’ fresh breezes.

Wild Yeast
breathing in ecosystemic nutrients
breathing out toenail fungus.


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