Investing to Thrive

WinLose competitions
can only emerge from prior ecopolitics
of predominately cooperative relations

Prior cooperatively evolving WinWin dominance
is ecologically necessary
and logically implied
to derive anything like
WinLose capital-building economies.

The opposite is not also true.
WinWin cooperations
evolve only as further emergence
from prior cooperative ecopolitical relations,
more resonantly resolving
than WinLose degenerative unraveling.


Republican Mothers’ Day

“The ways in which we apply these [polypathic-empathic] abilities
to controlling the excesses of growth and expansion
[by nurturing multicultural empowerment and creolization]
over the next century
will be the greatest [health-wealth nondual] test
of our [r]evolutionary [and democratic WinWin]
sophistication.” D Holmgren, Permaculture, p. 73

Sophistication is not
nor tokenism.

Democratic evolutionary sophistication
requires integrity,
invites and nurtures polypathic integrity.

Until our League of Women Voters
becomes a Legion of EcoFeminist Speakers and Listeners,
Leaders and CoOperative Followers as CoInvestors.

Until our Democratic National Party
becomes a PolyCultural International Health Party.

Until our Republican Party
becomes a CoOperatively-Owned EcoTherapeutic Wealth Development Place.

Until each educational school
becomes a permacultural paradise
for HealthWealth Mentoring,
a remedial safe space
for battered and neglected
abused and exploited
Republican girls and women.

Until each Town Meeting
becomes part of an EarthTown CoOperative Discernment Network.

Until each political campaign
becomes a NonViolent Communication progression
of and for EcoPolitical CoOperative Trust
of and for Earth’s Peace as Ego/EcoJustice.

Until supremacist Plan and Type A
competing WinLose Yang
reweaves equivalently
with Plan and Type B
nurturing WinWin Yin.

Until Left deductive dominance
conjoins again with Right inductive nutrition v toxin.

Until masculine strength with endurance
also means EcoFeminist nurturance
through mutual cooperativity.

Until day
becomes not so much nightmare.

Until the post-millennial population of Republican women
becomes an oxymoron,
a population of zero,
Empty Vacuous Set
now singing more resonant harmonies
within Interdependent Matriarchal ElseWhere.


Flowing Through Quicksand

Meritocracy is nurtured through discerning differences
between regenerative and degenerative information.

Aristocracy is controlled and maintained
against revolutionary change
by both regenerative and degenerative energy patterns
of historic entitlement.

Merits and demerits
are nurtured and avoided.

Aristocrats and slaves are controlling and controlled
primarily and fundamentally
by birth rights and wrongs,
inherited wealth and power
and disinheriting poverty and absence of cooperative ownership,
even of an enslaved ego,
addicted to avoiding annihilation by fear-selling aristocratic gods,
and sometimes even goddesses,
disguised as princesses
and Queen Bees
and AntiFeminist Aunts.

Democracies nurture nonsexist and nonracist meritocracy,
rooted in past cooperatively successful experience
with ecosystemic self-governing balance,
familial meritocracy spewing out mutual governance skill sets,
and adult vocational performance
producing measurable mutually cooperative-nurture outcomes,
more than consuming competitive controlling outputs
of and for authority by right of historic purchased placement
rather than by right of mutually trusting responsibilities,
perhaps most revolutionarily felt
by First Generations of disenfranchised slaves
freed from ego-shackles of Aristocracy worship
by uncovering ecosystemic alternatives
of and for meritocracy of just and peaceful regular folks
living primarily in cooperative ownership and self/other governance.

Plutocracy seeks to control,
to maintain aristocratic ecopolitical controls,
rooted in past regenerative and degenerative energy patterns.

When do healthy democracies
turn toward pathological plutocracies?

When past performance standards
for public sector vocations
turn to whom and what you could buy and sell,
from whom and what you have cooperatively developed
for regenerative ecopolitical purposes,
healthy merits of past relational
and transactional history
with healthy
mutually happy
prosperously resolving ego/eco-balancing outcomes.

When the electors,
the civitas,
turn from discerning merits of mutual wisdom,
look away from matriarchal co-empowerment,
cooperative-ownership principles of actively trusting mutual subsidiarity,
becoming too nationalistically
and ethnically
and racially
and ego proud to actively nurture Earth’s dipolar cooperativity,
turning toward pathological preferences
for bipolar bicameral competitions
for playing WinLose Aristocratic Players
of egotistic Might Makes Right,
seeking monocultural monopolies of ever more aristocratic patriarchal control
rather than polypathically cooperative nurturing
of meritocratic nurturing equi-valent
democratic abundance.

When the healthy wealthy Earth Moms and Dads are in charge,
everybody may continue to competitively fight tomorrow,
but not before we all cooperatively prepare
enough for all to eat and sleep in peace tonight.
And no one allows anyone to go to bed hungry,
angry and unforgiven,
or enslaved by fear of egocentric aristocrats,
within oneself,
or without,
preferring ecopolitical landscapes of democratic cooperative abundance
balancing egoLeft with ecoRight,
flowing through economic swamps of political quicksand.


Tao of Ego/EcoSystemic Balance

If Yang’s powers are efficiency of outcomes,
whether positive or negative,
regeneratively sustainable
or strained out toward dissonant chaos
of runaway monopolistic monoculturalism,
which I believe economists call capitalism;

Then Yin’s dialectal fluency is qualitative effectiveness,
whether nurturing health or pathology,
and all things polypathically-polynomially in-between.

Yang/Yin dipolar median sustainable
for self-regenerative co-gravitating maintenance,
headed back toward,
reverting cause-effect temporal relationships,
toward entropic yet still embryonic
fractal-four zero-sum prime dimensional diastolic reset stasis,
revolutionary resonantly pregnant pause
before Yin/Yang’s time/space pendulum
begins to swing back
toward Right/Left ecopolitical
WinWin cooperation OVER WinLose competition

We have become post-industrially accustomed
to relying on mechanical models
for understanding evolution as progress or regression,
for comprehending revolutions as either before or after
preferred change climaxes,
climates and landscapes of post-embryonic growing,
then ebbing,
then consuming
toward dissonant decay of absence,
Game Over.

But, nature’s ecosystemic models,
like trees
or even humane-divine mindbody hybrids,
are rooted in interdependent cooperative-dominant subsystems
of multisystemic self-regenerative relationships,
in remarkable contrast
to a simplistic On-Yang
bipolar switch.

Much less
an always must be on top Patriarchal Yang
so always repressed as a less competitive bipolar bottom Matriarchal-Yin
suicidal paranoid fully-depressed switch.

Trees are much better ecopolitical models
for cooperative exchanges of positive/negative energy
in and on our real 4D Earth
for ecological economics of regenerative political powers
both cooperative dominant
and capitalistic decompositional.

Tipping Point
Double-Bind Acclimation (Bateson)
mutual reversion principles
of nutritional efficiency investments
and their concomitant eco-balancing wealth divestment costs
to regenerate optimally positive/negative WinWin feedback systems,
organically interdependent mutual trusts, Yeses!, namastes
more empowered than empty mutual mistrusts,
we best avoid degenerative reductionist thinking,
mechanically responsive to fundamentalist
and capitalist
On/Off simplistic EitherOr switches
of hypothetical imaginations.

If Earth
is also our bilateral mindbody of self-regenerative 0-sum
WinWin God/dess,
I Am As We Also Are,
BothAnd nondual co-arising/co-gravitating mutual acclimation,
then entropy is Yin-embryonic,
fractal Yangspace/YinTime multicultural,
as diastasis is Yang-revolutionary
polycultural-polypathic climax
through embryonic
through climax
through embryonic
through climax,
breathing out toward in again,
out again,
in again…


God’s Utopian Church

I was listening to a Christian theologian friend of mine
speaking about the Messiah’s,
and St. Paul’s,
original intention when singing praises of God’s here/not-here Kingdom,
and potential as a multiculturally inclusive Church,
as a countercultural extending family,
creolizing out to encompass all human natures
to conjoin and rejoin Earth’s cooperatively-owned
and self-other governing GoldenRule thrivalist nature,
bountiful nature,
Beloved Cooperative Community global nature.

Which got me thinking
about the difference between totalitarian state ownership
of all cooperative enterprises,
devised by Stalin and Lenin and Mao Tse Tung
and whatever mess is still continuing in North Korea,
as compared to the cooperative network culture of the Basque Region
in Spain,
and perhaps elsewhere.

This difference between cooperative ownership
and communist ownership
is that cooperativist WinWin feedback loops
extend up from grassroot enterprises with authority
to govern the full range of their consumer-producer balance
within interdependent ecopolitical authorities;
whereas communist authority centralized autonomous ownership,
so all local cooperative enterprises,
including schools and hospitals and tractor factories,
were servants owned by the National Communist Mob,
which itself functioned less as a democratically self-governing,
collectively responsible party,
and more like a plutocratic private club
for internally disintegrating WinLose strategies,
more like dis-organizing crime
with military conscription powers
than a cooperative coordinating national team
of and for governing healthy consumer-producer co-ownership,

Which seems to be
more or less
what my theologian friend sees
when he looks at the early Christian post-Messianic extending out family
self-regeneratively creolizing
counterculturing church,
originally composed of those who rather too radically advocated
for most anything victimless,
and not holding preferences
for what today’s Christian fundamentalist understands
as traditional family values–
clearly not mentored
by the Messiah or by the single and celibate advocate St. Paul.

The way the Mondragon cooperative network
controls this tendency for money and power to become swept up
into the top of a central governing body
begins with local democratic self-governing ownership
and management of cooperative enterprises;
a cooperative guild structure.

I wonder what our educational system would become
if the State did not own the school system
but the parents and students and their paid staff
owned local educational environments,
some inside and some outside,
to learn how to cooperatively learn
our healthy wealth cost-effective lifestyles together,
as both consumers and producers,
each equilaterally associated as a cooperative education state department,
composed entirely of our rotating in and out cooperative member constituents.

I wonder what a cooperatively owned and managed health service would look like,
and feel like,
and whether we might find a richer therapeutic environment
of profoundly creolizing grassroots enrichment there,
among staff and other hurt and temporarily co-dependent patients
and our pets and extending family visitors,
surrounded by trees and frisky squirrels
and lettuce-addicted rabbits,
therapeutically growing out our family tree toward God’s cooperative household
of healthing cooperatives.

I wonder if educational cooperatives
would begin to sound more like health consumer-producer cooperatives,
and vice versa,
and if all this cooperative ownership,
and not anti-communal centralizing totalitarianism,
might feel a bit more like God’s ecotherapeutic Church.


The Second Principle of Ego and Eco Systems

Obtain a regenerative yield,
a positive,
rather than negative, feedback loop,
better than an absence of harmonic feedback screech
of mental and physical madness,
political parties become monocultural mobbing holocausts,
bodies become cancerous hoarders,
churches designed by and for
hierarchical inequalities of spiritual-natural responsibility
for plutocratic celibate authorities, presumably hetero,
males only,
and don’t even ask them to start thinking outside their god-given triage
about transgenderal nurturing opportunities
within Earth’s nondual co-arising Paradise.

How do we distinguish
between a healthy garden and a weed patch?
By nurtured nutritional outcomes,
positive yield,
inclusively diversifying so more robust profits,
growing healthy wealth creolizing potential,
including harvesting of seeds and bulbs
for our next even more cooperatively self-governing regeneration.

How do we distinguish
between a church or temple or synagogue
and a weed patch?
As above.

How do we distinguish
between playing with abundant time vocations
and indentured competing against time servitudes?
Same answer,
where seeds and bulbs
are cooperative,
unfold reverse-hierarchically, from within,
composed of and for multiculturing interdependent relationships
which we nutritionally enable together
as Earth’s Common Cooperative Church as Garden
producing positive nutritious yields
for and of future faithful self-with-other
ego/eco balancing
doing our best to obtain a positive every-day
responsible yield for us, together
cooperatively-held, owned, governing,
nurturing and nutritious authorities.

The Second Principle of Permaculture Design:
Capture and ReInvest
your regenerative vocational yield,
and not so much the other yucky stuff.


Sowing As We Would Reap

Who is Creator to you?
Are you made in God/Goddess image
or is your Creator made through your best self-image?
co-incidental organic-harmonic phenomena
of your nondual inter-communicating mindbody.

What and where is Creator God for you?
Found only in Paradise,
heard and seen and smelled in renewing Promised Eden,
or what remains of healthy organic Earth’s landscapes
and climates.

Did Paradise make humans
in divine Creator’s collective creolizing image
of minerals and water and clay
of love as synergy
requiring radical co-empathic trust?
Or at least inviting profound ecopolitical cooperative ownership.

Where lies and grows,
evolves and revolves,
beauty and truth Paradise?
God’s creation
our shared Earth home for wild nature,
inspiration of each and every polypathic soul
not overly commodified,
entirely domesticated except for conscripting death,
subcontracting terrified killers
of aliens and criminals
who were themselves young victims
of absent Paradise.

God invites armies and navies,
renaturing marines for healing soil,
planting embryonic Paradise trees
so Creator can,
through reincarnate Creations,
rebuild Paradise forests.

We pray to harvest peace
yet do not recall our Creator’s invocation
to plant our healthiest wealth
of Paradise reforested,
a climate home of wonder
altering God’s co-present peace.