Climatic Transitions

Remember great climatic transitions,
memories etched in regenerative systemic syntax,
DNA languaged,
but also RNA’s much older eco-equivalent health survival path
through God of Time’s bilaterally balancing norms,
co-gravitational love for/of/with/as RNA’s regenerating
ecosystemic health.

Each plant and sludge cell,
eco-therapeutic consumers and producers
of ecologically balancing air,
some seasons warm and more productive
of nutritional outcomes,
other seasons for cold,
with dualdark past meets future
tipping poignant decomposing health and therapy events
composting fertile transitional birthing issues
and opportunities
to consider warmer,
more pregnant days,
less consumptive of last year’s eco-embryonic promise,
like oil sucking out of Earth’s Left-brain dominant enculturation.

ReConnecting great climatic health v. pathology transitions
through bicameral lens (0)-centric DNA/RNA
fractals of great revolving historic memory strings
of Time’s ReGenerating Healthy Atmosphere
for springing ReNewing Global Health ReGenesis.


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