PolyColors of Love

What color is angry?


What color is sad?


What color is nutrient health?

green, like wealth?

What color is hate?


What color is happy?

Yellow? Like sun light.

What color is sad?


What color is love?

For some white absence,
for others dipolar TransParent,
for others full rainbow,
waterplant roots ultra-violet.

PolyCulturing Love
symbiotic transformation,
of Ego
stepping into Ego-Eco Equity,
political and economic full-color eco-octaves
of therapeutic function,
resonating regenerate health
of light as affective-eco-empathic time-frequencies.

Eco-intelligent conscious information
decomposing as bicameral exformation
dualdark concave crystal rainbow
of ecopolitical natural regenesis,
biculturally nurturing color function,
through glad-yellow, mellow,
springing up green hope toward faith,
black fears of fear our monoculturing ego-selves,
ultra-violet sacredology of colors
as wheels
as revolutions of holonic evolutions
of health as regenerating physical
with metaphysical merging polypathic polynomial coloration.

What color is Moon Light?

Full UltraViolet.


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