Angry Island Men

No healthy humane person
of mature integrity
is a disenchanted island.

No individual is entirely orphaned.
Even an island has an associated understory,
below the water’s surfing surface
lie deeply rooted
anciently fertile connections.

And above the water’s surface
birds migrate outdoor voices
and digestive tracts
and trends
co-invest regenerativity
of ocean tides
and wind storms.

Those who celebrate only their autonomous island-ness,
are those who do not actively include
how we already live as multicultural peninsulas
leading back to mainland ancient healthy multicultures
and leading forward
to where we can once again
applaud diversely landscaped roots
fertile soil and soul migrations
visitors of nutritiously remembering curiosity
co-invested leaders in courageous fertile multi-solidarity
on this one planet island

Earth revolving within an interdependent sanctuary orbit
of synergetic understory,
Milky Way of warm wet soiled and souled
surfing maternal womb memories
of ocean tides
as wind storms.


Gathering Roots

“Gathering roots holds up a mirror between the map in the earth
and the map of our minds.”
Robin Wall Kimmerer “Braiding Sweetgrass”

Permaculture Design
is about landscape shaping programs and projects
with nutritional goals
and ethical/aesthetic WinWin cooperative processes.

In Apache,
the verbal label for land
also means mind.

To design landscapes for healthy polycultural progress
is also to mindscape for wealthy polypathic process.

PermaCulture Land/MindScaping,
like Positive Health Psychology,
is not restricted to external roots of nutrition,
although these are our internal root Elders.

Forest root systems are largely planted through cooperative self-governance.
But, when Designers plant roots
we usually feed and water those we are most invested in,
and sometimes those with greater internal needs than others,
harvesting their combined effects, affects,
resonance and dissonance,
and culling the most regenerative for replanting
to continue evolving next year’s deep diverse rooting system
of cooperative associations,
mature foresting networks.

So too, our sensory-neural mindbody root systems
we appositionally and oppositionally plant and grow
in reverse tree hierarchies of co-subsidizing responsibility,
resonance feeding
and dissonance bleeding
our cooperative and competitive roots most exegetically invested
in each other
to continue harvesting resonant and dissonant climate effects, affects,
culling the most polypathic LeftYang deductive
and most resonantly polyphonic RightYin inductive,
dipolar co-arising
future internal landscape progress
through mindscaping process,
cooperatively recreating WinWin
enculturation of cooperative health norms, ethics, aesthetics
optimizing ecopolitical wealth
of lands and minds,
avoiding dissonantly pathological WinLose landmines.

It may help to see and explore
parallels between interior and exterior root systems
if we ease off on LeftBrain’s more form-labeled static view
of organic root nutritional networks
and invest a bit more in RightBrain’s ego/eco-functional view
of root health purposes.
How root systems act nurturingly
in Yin-matriarchal symbiosis
with their Yang-patriarchal trunks and branches,
both within concave Right
and without convex Left
quite so awfully dominant.

Formed knowledge is to LeftBrain deducting roots
as function-flowing wisdom
is to RightBrain inducting roots,
and breaths,
and bilateral models of tree functions,
symbiotic acclimation networks
of health-rooting systems.


Gift Horses

If we want to improve our shared climates,
and our interior, more guardedly intimate and vulnerable,
then we best cooperatively manage our nutritional/toxic landscapes.

Annual planning by individuals and families
seldom hopes to regenerate ecosystemic climate health,
but can realistically engage in discernment of healthy landscapes,
interior and exterior.

Combined and shared within a healthy democratic culture,
our cumulative ego/ecotherapeutic intent,
are our best cycle of hope and positive multiculturing faith
toward global climate health,
and not so much internal/external pathology.

To fully embrace a gift,
especially those inherited from our Elders
and perhaps still accessible for our children
and their children,
is to invite our climates and landscapes as sacred ecological grace
and also to accept responsibility
for gifts uses,
maintenance and repair,
eventual repurpose,
recycling any degenerative waste produced
as a questionable gift
for Earth’s next generation of interdependent species,
and the next…
for how many generations?

Gifts, like sacraments, bring gratitude
for changing new authorities over resources,
nutritional flow of opportunities
but with a potential risk of responsibility
for contributing to our children’s toxic waste stream.

A principle of Permaculture Design
endorses planning from broader spacetime pattern
of spring through winter climates
and back to spring again patterns first,
then look more closely
deeply in to more specific landscape networking details
of regenerative authorities
inherited from Elders
and degenerative responsibilities,
healthy production flows
and unhealthy waste streams
left to and for fragile future new-growth regenerators
and vulnerable degenerators.

Which is why,
contrary to what my grandfather advised,
I am learning to look even gifted horses
in their mouths
to count the landscape costs
and to appreciate climate details
of healthy horsepowered teeth,
devouring and recreating sacred ecosystems,
regenerative and decomposing change.


Healthy Administrative Climates

My goal isn’t so much to win the wars of property management,
self and spouse and family governance
as it is to enjoy this struggling with Earth’s nature/spirit properties,
and my own and others’ humane properties of integral relationship,
to celebrate our participation together
in creating a place called home for now
and an internal space both divine and humane,
sacredly beautiful yet secularly ecopolitically effective
and healthy and robust and regenerative,
in which I can freely and creatively exert my best intended positive influence.

I do not hope to remove all the invasive species in my life,
but to reshape with them toward purposes we can all recreatively enjoy
with healthy ecological-ecopolitical co-empathic trust
in our organic integrity,
past, present, and future.

If what we do carries more informational value
than what we say
about our intentions to do and not do,
then both watching and listening
to where these are redundantly peaceful cooperative climates
and where these produce dissonant stressful unsettling climates
would seem to have both healthier and wealthier informational value,
for all of us,
multiculturally and nutritionally together.

Whether I’m working with invasive vines
or over-Yanged pervasive egos,
most certainly including my own,
I have this co-empathic trust
that we are here to help each other
more than to condemn each other apart,
to build our homes together on this healthy,
regenerately abundant Earth,
and we are not here to condemn each other
to death,
to absence of peace with justice,
to becoming victims of our condemnatory, angry, frightening judgment,
bad humors leading to negative landscapes and climates.

Sometimes we put people in uniforms
and give them weapons
and place them in economic and political leadership positions,
who seem to believe the contrary.
that we are here to use our best, healthiest, wealthiest climate o ecopolitical judgment
to condemn and criticize and accuse and seek revenge,
and instigate terror with full will and full intent of good-civil judgment.
All this within a collectively condemning climate rooted within our either-or egocentric
language-centric walls against each other,
due to enculturing histories
of and for building mutual-immunity walls against each other.

Our economic and political power-relational issues stem
from inadequately investing our resources to uncover the abundance of justice,
to use excellent effective, fair, balanced judgment
about our, and other’s ecopolitical choices,
and lack of choices,
good and bad.
We can all do this all day
and continue arriving at entirely redundant and resonant conclusions,
to condemn our own and other’s lack of grace
and/or good karma
and/or positive psychology
and/or emotional balance,
as also co-mentoring, noticing, showing, unveiling,
this same ecological-ecopolitical judgment skill
of both-and WinWin discernment
to work much more efficiently
as a return to a shared ecoconsciousness of co-empathic trust,
that we return to our childhoods
we we knew we were here on Earth
by means of an evolutionary nature/spirit regenerative process
governed more powerfully by cooperative nutritional multi/poly-cultural choices
toward healthy regenerativity
through mutual aid,
nurturing mercy
than through nature’s WinLose revenge and vengeance myths of mutual condemnation,
in short,
the reverse-decompositional pathological condemning view
of our positive health-choiced cooperative ecopolitical vocation
as Earth’s polypathic ecoconsciousness of now,
foreshadowing all regenerations of species and life
on back through our shared DNA/RNA string of collective thermodynamic as ecopolitical balance,
flowing through each co-empathic trusting cell right now,
and soaring at speed of yang/yin-squared fractal light
toward all Earth’s future regenerators of Earth’s ecoconscious regeneration.

How do we best discern the wise ecopolitical judgment of others?
Through their cooperative words
and through their past cooperative nurturing WinWin actions,
or both,
the one about the other,
both-and WinWinning peace with internal/external justice,
healthy ecological economic-valuing mind
with politically wealthy cooperative body.


Cooperative Interpretations of Earth’s EcoPolitical Climate

Perhaps you have read
as I have not
Beard’s “Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States.”

Yet, here is my prediction,
and I promise to actually read it to confirm and/or deny,
so I suppose I more candidly am saying,
Had I written such a treatise,
my main point is not quite (0) summary ecopolitical balance,

HumaneLeft-divineRight nature-spirit nondualist bicamerals
have evolved this society’s cultural manifestation
wholesale and purchased as optimally cooperative enlightenment,
ecopolitics as colonies would become democratic co-empathic trusting planetary empires of cooperative ecological Self-with-Other Constitution Stories
of active hope becoming Positive Psychology of EcoPolitical Science
and Humanities
and Aesthetic Beauty of Golden Harvest Landscapes.

Economic theory, is not also ecologically abundant practice,
unless it is ecological, regenerately decomposing balanced resolutions
of political power-with cooperation,
more evolutionarily evinced as meta-dominant
as compared to power-over WinLose Gaming competitions.

EcoPolitical experience observing large scale social,
historical evolutionary experience, narrative, story,
including stories intended to be constitutive of ecopolitical truth and justice,
constitutional development stories as hopes and future dreams of a global nation state
for more nutritional,
and thereby less pathological
climate evolution transfers,
with revolution turning reiterational resonance
of healthwealth power values,
from place and time one
toward place and time other.

In BiLateral Economics, the healthy fruition of one space
just once, is monoculturally empty of nutritious metric philosophy,
whereas if we are created once in time
times once again in spiralling revolutionary time,
then we are each binomial two,
as nomials are always also binomials,
as digital information always follows octave-binary network trends,
as yes (both) in ecologically balancing in/ex-climate landscapes
of Earth-enculturation, acclimation,
always equal not-yet gone-LeftWest
plus not-yet past-ElderRightEast double-binding compete/cooperate discernment time
bicamerally ruling nature-spirit healthy climates
for ecopolitical constitutions.

Philosophy, love of wisdom,
especially love of natural constitutional climate science wisdom,
projects our evolutionary history
through atmospheric oceanic interdependently acclimating bodies
and across empty universal mind skies
fertilizing emerging Golden Ruling multicultural landscapes,
divinely inspiring Creation Stories,
speaking multiculturally confluent languages,
reweaving Positive EcoPsychology
inviting Earth’s regenerative norms and nutritionally cooperative
empowering public health and safety values.

Revolution-Left balancing Evolution-Right,
this global EarthTribe’s ecopolitical constitution
grows, emerging cooperative ecological revolutions
in which climates we choose to optimally play
scientific/artistic WinWin evolution,
juxtaposing premillennial competitive means to WinLose
ambiguously suboptimizing global ecological outcomes
still incarnate within now postmillennially bicameral cooperative multicultural economic polypaths
toward cultural Left-Right balancing democratic dominance
of health over pathology,
growing WinWin regenerative health outcomes.

Recombinant DNA/RNA transubstantiating sacred regenerate health-trend outcomes,
not only through our historical roots of and for developmental learning
to cooperatively nature-spirit nondual love-integrate-creatively occupy,
but also of these iconic fractals, together,
forming our full-octave multicultural color light fragrant felt comprehension
of Earth’s historic original creative designs
for good humored cooperative integral potential
for our own health
as less pathological cognitive-affective ‘in-between’ chaotic dissonance and angst,
stress not quite sustaining (0) sum, soul, core revolutionary scientific liturgical seasonal norms
of 4-step syllogistic deductive-only trigonometric plus
one timeless bilateral 4D reverse-temporal equivalence
of P as also N(NP) Empty/Interdependent
Yang/notnotYin ecologic,
where P stands for polynomial economic information trends
and polypathic nature/spirit politically balancing flow trends,
where P=Uracil/Thymine-exforming as NP=BiLateral Dipolar Cytosine-infunction-exforming thermodynamic balance
of Interdependent-Empty Live-Evil regenerative cycles of life,
constitutional boundaried synergetic subclimate cells
with revolutioning stretch-bends for great reverse-climatic transitions
back as forward co-identity
flying and walking and swimming,
but slow-growth, not monocultural racing,
toward Golden Ruling Constitutions of all Uniting States Becoming.

Reading LeftBrain economic ecological meta-climate constitutions
through RightBrain politically cooperative,
Golden Rule and Ratio and Elixir and Climate and Landscape,
permaculturally nutritious DNA/RNA health agendas.

Now I suppose I have to open my Kindle and actually rewrite the thing
while I’m digesting it.


Atheists are Panentheists

What is the difference between an atheist and a panentheist?

Atheists cannot discover any signs of divinity outside ourselves
While the panentheist uncovers what organizes interior landscapes and climates.

In Buddhism we have a principle of Emptiness
and a correlated principle of Interdependence.
Atheists stop rather abruptly with the Emptiness platform
while panentheists are so bogged down by all us Interdependents,
sorting through co-dependent relationships
but without the therapy bills,
Emptiness feels like an unfamiliar but theoretically welcome relief,
like solitude before it turns into sour loneliness.

So maybe a LeftBrain atheist
is also a RightBrain panentheist,
and the two together is a Buddhist.

There is no inconsistency here.
just two faces of the eternally timeless,
just as time is lost to sensory review
when it becomes most sacredly replete.

Other than that, one is harder to spell
and takes a whole lot longer to fully articulate.


PolyColors of Love

What color is angry?


What color is sad?


What color is nutrient health?

green, like wealth?

What color is hate?


What color is happy?

Yellow? Like sun light.

What color is sad?


What color is love?

For some white absence,
for others dipolar TransParent,
for others full rainbow,
waterplant roots ultra-violet.

PolyCulturing Love
symbiotic transformation,
of Ego
stepping into Ego-Eco Equity,
political and economic full-color eco-octaves
of therapeutic function,
resonating regenerate health
of light as affective-eco-empathic time-frequencies.

Eco-intelligent conscious information
decomposing as bicameral exformation
dualdark concave crystal rainbow
of ecopolitical natural regenesis,
biculturally nurturing color function,
through glad-yellow, mellow,
springing up green hope toward faith,
black fears of fear our monoculturing ego-selves,
ultra-violet sacredology of colors
as wheels
as revolutions of holonic evolutions
of health as regenerating physical
with metaphysical merging polypathic polynomial coloration.

What color is Moon Light?

Full UltraViolet.