In Defense of Ugly

I have nothing against the Cinderellas
of successful society.
Cinderella finds her opportunity for freedom
for love, hopefully,
goes for it,
and it works out for her
and all the Prince Charmings,
wherever they are hiding from my life.
Anyway, all good news
as far as this story goes.

the plight of Ugly StepSisters and Brothers
deserves more compassionate empathy.

they borrow too heavily from Evil StepMother’s playbook,
her monocultural empty-empire building manual
“How to compete for love and wealth
without sufficient loving health”

StepMom didn’t write this manual alone.
This scripture is as old as lack of requited love itself.

what are the karmic outcomes for these Sisters,
lacking grace
to invite Cinderellas to share their space?
A day,
an hour,
a minute,
a moment devoid of choosing co-empathic possibility,
humor facing absurd lust for power
blind hope to control life
at least enough to absorb awareness of loss
and inevitable dying alone,
results in living too much alone
produces absence of full living-loving,
consumes embryonic integrity of regenerate life,
eats and addicts acids of empire-defensive despair
until nutrients of isolation mature
into degenerately self-disserving Evil StepSpinsters,
monsters spinning tragic runaway addictions
breeding chaotic anger,
fear of our darkness, our mortality terror,
our lack and absence and loss,
hating our own unredeeming suffering.

Ugly StepSisters are stuck
in silos of their own discontent
echoing Evil StepMother’s voice
foolishly empirically demanding satisfaction
with a closed fist
when grace is hers and his to choose
by merely opening her heart
to radically compassionate empathy.


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