Leaders and Reporters

Why do you do as you do
and not do as you don’t say?
asked the journalist of the leader,
asked the child of her parent.

Because I like to help
and I do not enjoy recognizing myself
as a selfish hypocrite,
responds the leader
to writers of famous and infamous history,
respond political/economically powerful parents
to children writing co-creation stories.

How do you know you are helping
and not helping retain a flawed toxic elitist system,
maintaining poverty of margins
far below wealth piling into too much power?
asked the cynical divestor
challenging this help-as-health investor,
asked the hurt and wounded child
challenging her health-confessing professing culture.

I doubt I could help
without co-investing in flawed health with pathology
in both political and economic systems,
responds this wu wei leader,
responds this co-mentoring parent,
but what have you noticed
might help more
while collaterally hurting less?

It seems to me,
writes aging journalist,
resonates maturing residents of Earth,
those plans and budgets and stories cooperatively researched and written
by and with and for co-investors in our civil enterprise
sustain more healthy wealth,
with less pathological backwash,
as compared to Business As Usual,
self-hypnotic static monocultures,
winning to lose further competitors toward mutual empowerment.

Why do you notice as you do
and not do as you don’t say?
asked the leader of the journalist,
asks our Elders of their multiculturally extending Tribe.


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