AgapeMind and ErosBody

It is my intimate physicality,
sexual identity,
juiciality of love,
Yang-fused Eros rather than a less intensely elational Yin-Agape,
troubling me,
remaining dissonantly articulating
through aging bones of mind and body,
Theorem and Proof,
this despairing of time and place
for expanding mutual reincarnating future loves.

Love as integrity of touch and addictive hypnosis
co-arising Ego’s synergetic nurture,
feeding and fueling nature’s beloved Other,
within PrimalPair frames,
Coupling communicators and regenerators,
mutually fusing Eros,
exploring our integrally intimate co-incarnating Agape.

My youngest son has cerebral palsy
which has limited his mind’s capacity to understand and form abstractions,
such as language,
yet he well understands nurturing v. pathological relationships.

I wonder what distinctions between Yang’s Eros and Yin’s Agape
lie within this my love’s perfection Son?
His responses to life’s variables and constants
remain both uninformed by,
and therefore unrestricted by,
love’s metaphysical abstractions
about what our relationship could look and feel and smell and taste like tomorrow
that would distinguish imagined differences
from how we feel together today.

This perpetual youth of love’s human incarnation
cannot age and learn and develop into diffusion
and dissonance of his body’s response to Eros-Yang
and his mind’s resonance with Agape-Yin Self with Yin-Other
primal WinWin love relationship.

My nondually both kind and unkind Taoist Master Son,
icon of coarising Eros/Agape,
is LeftBrain nonlanguaged, non-dominant,
enculturing love of yet more synergetic organic healthy love,
as best he can recover this Golden Fleece of internal/external climate balance.

If his body feels good and healthy
his mind feels this truth as richly contenting beauty,
fertile synergetic whole (0)sum-ness,
cognitive symmetry as affective integrity.

He dreams in Eros
as he wakes to Agape v. Pathology
within his Beloved EarthTribes
communicating through networks of fertile resonance,
and occasional wilting, dissonant climatic issues,
internal seizures,
and sometimes blaring loud angry frightened mouths
he has no desire to comprehend
as anything other than cause for further laughter,
where Eros and Agape practice divine comedy co-creation stories
to unfold later.


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