First and Lasting Light

He awakens.
Stretching lambent brown-earth eyes fully open
then stretching smile
while sitting stretching up
to meet morning light’s soft greeting
mystically caressing his warm dusk skin with cooler delights
across curious face and neck and grateful arms.

Bluejay scolding
squirrel chattering in scathing manic response.

Hawk hovering above,
praying for prey this day,
as he watches
through stretching preying agape eyes
returning into this day’s dramatic Earth events
to taste and feel and smell fresh breeze
dancing caress
fading smile
drooping eyes
to dream as falcon
soaring Earth’s grand eloquent delights.

He awakens to play
as he prays without embodied replay;
echoing eco analogical sounds with smells in co-flight
of and by and with and in and for his exegeting earthy nature.


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