Two Cooperative Capitalists Are Better…

Cooperation is
about integrity of relationship,
for equitable integration,
maybe even some healthy co-arising assimilation,

Cooperatism is about investing our healthy time
in ourSelves
and each and every EarthBound Other,
as iconic of Earth’s vast health potential,

While Capitalism is also about health-investing our money,
commodities of Time’s equivalent value,
physical resources and ecosystemically considerable assets,
our vital true ErosCapital transubstantiating Earth’s affluently assimilative Agape,
ionic future value-icons to become redeemed
by, for, with Earth’s EcoSystemic regenerating therapeutic balance,
political and economic cooperative evolution, of course,
but recovered
re-involved through polyculturing/multiculturing true-health EcoLogic,
where Earth’s longing to repurpose
greets Ego’s most sublimely heuristic wu-wei co-belonging.

Capitalism, divested of its Cooperatistic Political and Economic Evolution,
is a sad reminder
of wealth v. poverty over-industrially severed from their permacultural roots,
health v pathology;
Capitalism, divested of Cooperative Models and Theorems of ReGenerative Evolution,
is a suffering suboptimizing reminder
of Capitalism re-invested through Natural EcoSystemic Cooperatism’s vast health potential,
within as without.

Capitalism is iconic of Cooperatism
as light is ionic for time’s evolutionary passing.
Capital is to Cooperate
as economic mind is to political body.


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