PermaCulture Revolution Power

Perhaps your political trust,
like mine,
erupts from economic experience
of co-empathic fuels,
empathy another word for nutrition,
and nutritionally ravenous investment
in Basic Trust,
measures empathic resonance
on a resolving outcome scale
of healthy self-optimizing
self-dissembling pathology.

Between these two negatively correlated,
polynomial spacetime tipping points
with notnot polypathic truth in beauty,
yang with yinyin waves
inbetween lives this ego incarnating space,
networking nest,
multicultural recreative mess.

Can I trust in union of self-optimizing eco-nations
to draft Earth’s Declaration of Nutritional Interdependence?
to compose our Cooperative Political/Economic Union’s
EcoLogic Constitution?
planning to harvest CQI Health and Safety PolyCultural Networking Standards
for post-revolutionary global-climatic impact.

Do we cooperatively trust enough
to co-redeem our PermaCultural Bill of Earth Rights
as if all lives and deaths matter?

Is this land of freedom-from power
balancing freedom-to co-empathically empower
co-arising mutually cooperative subsidiarity?
this place of globally interdependent gift-ego-forward opportunity
to share in AnthroEarth’s regenerative sacred vocations
political and economic,
social and postmillennial Tribal,
optimal self-replicating,
cooperatively nutritional,
fertile flow of rivers,
seas of polyculturing edible forests
with meadows of rippling ripe grains
greeting Eden’s River
of clean baptismal flows
through each heart and mind as body.


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