Security Deposits

with thanks to the Environmental Defense Fund:

Advice from a permacultural ecosystemic:


Dive into life;
Avoid undiving into dying, stagnating in reverse-time ruminations.

Appreciate days;
Depreciate decomposing night-dreams.

Take long walks
off short deductive pathways.

Stand together;
Avoid falling apart.

Go extra cooperative miles
rather than unseemly monopolistic piles
of non-investment in multicultural health.

Keep your cool;
Sweep your warm incarnation stretch
into excarnational meanings,
hot co-arising vocations.


Carve your own path
opening to bicameral polypaths.

Go eco-slow
by stopping ego-too-fast.

Channel your strengths
with ecosystemic decomposition of dissonant weaknesses.

Smooth the way for others
by struggling with your monopolistic addictions.

Keep moving forward
imagining swimming backward
in reverse embryonic times.

Avoid meltdowns,
Embrace freezeup frames of dipolar balance.

Be cool, trusting,
by becoming empathically warmer.


Swim with the current;
Fly with bilateral enlightenment.

Be a good navigatoer;
Become a self-as-other optimizing listener,
follower of nutrition.

Stay calm under pressure,
Grow diastatic with wu wei midway
slower ruminating revolution.

Be well traveled, outbound,
Become poorly homebound,
paranoic inbred.

Think long term;
Feel short-term diastatic nutritional co-presence.

Age gracefully;
childlike karmically.

Spend time at the beach,
invest space in one ocean of nutritional dreams.


Live large;
ego-die (0) centric.

Be thick-skinned;
Become transparently nutritious ecologic.

Sniff out opportunities;
taste internal crisis, risk.

Learn some good icebreakers;
Unlearn some tired meltdowns.

Be fearless;
Become peace co-empathic messiahs.

Keep it cool,
not so much climatic warming
of melting ice-drenched landscapes.


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