The Unfortunate Press Release

The not so Great Swami Minister of Health
unleashed a Press Release today.
One member of the O So Commercial Media bothered to show up
and described it as more of an assault, really,
than a release,
more of an appalling mauling than a kiss.
and about truly unpressing fortunate events,
totally unusable
and surprisingly sick
for a minister of unsick.

First, thank you so much for coming,
s/he began,
and going through our not so clearly naked Exit absence of signs
and sighing whistles and untoiling bells.
Life is not death,
unless you prefer it that way
or you are a victim of cruel and unusual private sector neglect
or public sector abuse
or all of the above.

Deep listening before projectile
pressing cathartic releases
does appear to be dying out.
So, in that sense of non-awareness,
healthy life is dying out
of all mass media outlets,
but not to worry,
hardly anyone goes to mass anymore anyway
as it has become a highly toxic environment
for thinking-feeling women
and young non-altar boys in particular.

Yesterday the Bishops of Sacred Right
and Wrong Left Turns
blissfully considered passing out
communion through drive-by shooting windows
thereby joining the Unitarians
conjoining virtual RealTime grace
for those living
and not invested in dying
which is where I came in
and exited through a rarely sniffed
non-sectarian portal
of multiculturing health,
for ecoministers only,
which seems to leave out the null set,
so you press and more slowly release.

Folks need not even try
to die this Earth-committed way.

We would not like you to appear
as if talking pro-Earth life stances,
cynical nature-glances
lances aimed at health without despair
and non-commercial dying.

While media inlets prefer high numbers,
where the mental health department prefers low,
zero seems a more nondually compromised way to go.

I realize the egomaniacs within us
believe with full integrity
that one is fun,
and rightfully straight,
but please therapeutically recall
zero is radically replete
as enlightenment is to the Sun
Times you cannot and probably should not
evenly try to read backward again.

Press Releasionships make me sweat,
it’s much too warm in the middle of our piles.
So, finally, I problame this New Health Rule
of Lover’s Law:
Thermodynamic balance within
is also without
or we have climatic collapse instead.

That said,
we also are recovering from disturbing compiliance
with whole Black Holes
of communion so deep and dense
every time someone farts
my pantyhose swell out and shout
but that wasn’t me
because I’m your minister of loving health.
That was the Other Guy.
You know, the one whose shadow
falls across your mirror
of not so pressing unreleases.

Thank you so much for coming and going.
Please remember to leave all doors open
on your way into healthier light.

My absence of thought for this night,
as you drift off into your silly place,
sacred space:

Earth has a mind of Her own,
ecosystemically intelligent functional press and release recycles
through seasons of perennial health redevelopment.

And remember childhood is not something to grow out of,
like a pair of too-tight pantyhose,
childhood is something to sustain
while we pretend to care about
not so depressing unreleases
that showed up
to act out
for some other creature
with urgent impress-and-release therapeutic intent.


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